My Husband Got a Fix!! | Stitch Fix Men Review (& Link-Up)

October 3, 2016·

You guys, my husband got his first Stitch Fix Men fix last week! I was SO excited for the launch of Stitch Fix for men because I knew that it would be the perfect type of service for a guy like my husband who literally LOATHES shopping. I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband is the kind of guy who buys a pair of jeans and literally wears them until they are falling apart at the seams and I have to FORCE him to get new jeans. He owns shirts that are at least 15 years old. The man just doesn’t buy new clothes (even when he needs them).

So, I really thought that Stitch Fix for men would be a great fit for him! His birthday was last week, which was timely, so it gave me an excuse to gift him his first Stitch Fix for men fix! He was actually, quite surprisingly, really excited to try it out. Now, before we get too much further… let’s review the basics.

How does Stitch Fix for men work? 

It works JUST like Stitch Fix for women!

  1. Simply have your guy (or I guess you could do it for him) visit and fill out a style profile. And BE SPECIFIC!!
  2. Schedule a “Fix” and a stylist will hand-select FIVE pieces raging from pants, to shirts, to shoes, to accessories that the stylist thinks will work for him.
  3. A $20 styling fee is charged, but if you keep anything from the fix, that $20 fee is credited towards your fix.
  4. Wait and receive your fix on your doorstep. Try everything on and keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Shipping is free both ways!

That’s it!

Now, I am sharing my HUSBAND’S first Stitch Fix for men review! I honestly am really pumped to share this! And yes, I asked his permission and he was totally cool with doing a Stitch Fix Men review on my blog.

So, the review will include what he got, the prices, and both John’s thoughts and my thoughts. His thoughts will be in quotes with a “-JES” at the end, and my thoughts on the item will follow. My husband has a hilarious sense of humor and is also a man of few words. We are basically the complete opposite in many, many ways. But in all the best ways. 🙂 #anotherpostforanotherday.

Let’s get to it!

John’s First “Stitch Fix for Men Review”

Original Penguin “Dorris Button Down Shirt” – $89 and Flag & Anthem “Erie Jean” – $69.50

Stitch Fix Men Review | Original Penguin "Dorris Button Down Shirt" and Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean"

FROM JOHN (on the shirt): 

“I like it, especially the way that the cuffs are a different color. If you gave it to me for my birthday, I’d be happy about it, but it cost too much when you consider the fact that I already have a lot of shirts like this one.” – JES


Stitch Fix Men Review | Original Penguin "Dorris Button Down Shirt"

FROM ME (on the shirt): 

I actually echo his thoughts… the shirt looked GREAT on him and fit him like a glove. But, he does own a lot of shirts that are similar and the price tag was steep for a shirt similar to what he owns.

Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean"

FROM JOHN (on the jeans):

“I know you like them, so that makes me want to keep them, but I just don’t like the straight leg deal. I got a pair of jeans a few years ago and they were straight leg and I thought they’d be fine, but then I regretted getting them. Just give me bootcut and call it a day.” – JES


Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean"

FROM ME (on the jeans): 

I loved these jeans on him so much. Ladies, the straight leg looks awesome on him, right??!?!?! I get it… bootcut is more his style, but man. I loved these.

Flag & Anthem “Westport Textured Stripe Tee” – $29.50

Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Westport Textured Stripe Tee" and Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean"


“I like this a lot. Comfortable, reasonably priced. I’m not fat yet, but if I ever get fat, the horizontal stripes will be slimming.” – JES


Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Westport Textured Stripe Tee"


I am cracking up at his quote. Typical John… always making a joke. But, I agree with him… this shirt looks great on him! AND he doesn’t own anything similar to it, so it was a no brainer once he put it on.

Tailor Vintage “Donny Reversible Tee” – $59

Stitch Fix Men Review | Tailor Vintage "Donny Reversible Tee"


“This is pretty cool. Fits nice, very comfortable. Big fan of the reversible thing. And it’s actually not too expensive when you consider the fact that you’re basically getting two shirts. But I just have too many shirts that look kinda like this already.” -JES


Stitch Fix Men Review | Tailor Vintage "Donny Reversible Tee"


I agree with him… the shirt looks awesome on him and it also was really soft. I liked the reversible aspect, too! However, he is right, he owns at least four shirts that look nearly identical to this one. Although they aren’t reversible…

Alternative Apparel “Champ Fleece Sweatshirt” – $50

Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean" and Alternative Apparel "Champ Fleece Sweatshirt"


“The last thing I need is another sweatshirt. I already have one.” -JES


Stitch Fix Men Review | Flag & Anthem "Erie Jean" and Alternative Apparel "Champ Fleece Sweatshirt"


Yeah, this one wasn’t my favorite. It just was sort of “meh.” I agreed with him on not keeping it.
Stitch Fix Men Review


“This has made me realize that I don’t necessarily hate getting new clothes, I just hate going to the store. Now I just have to overcome the hurdle of spending money on clothes for the first time since 1997.” -JES

John Stillman, everyone.

My thoughts? I thought it was great! His stylist had a really personalized note (even mentioned our dog, Tater! Left out Audrey though… hahaha!) and she clearly looked at his style profile and took his lifestyle into account. I am biased because I think my husband looks good in everything. Honestly, I think Stitch Fix for Men is IDEAL for someone like my husband. They know they need clothes, and don’t necessarily hate getting new clothes, but absolutely despise going to the store.

While he won’t be a monthly “fix” getter (just not realistic for his lifestyle and for the way he buys and wears clothes), I think getting a fix for him a couple times a year or once a quarter is a great way for him to shop efficiently AND invest in new pieces for his wardrobe that he will wear till he’s got holes in them.

Schedule a fix for your man (or have him schedule one) today! Oh, and did you know Stitch Fix has GIFT CARDS, too? You can get the guy in your life a gift card for him to try it out!!

So cool, right?!

What about you? What do you think he should have kept? Do you think he returned the right pieces? Would the man in your life enjoy Stitch Fix for men? 

*This is not a sponsored post. I gifted this first Stitch Fix for Men fix to my husband for his birthday. The link to try Stitch Fix is an affiliate link and I do get a small commission if you click through and sign up to receive a fix of your own. If you do sign up for Stitch Fix, you also have the ability to share and refer people and receive a credit of your own. Thank you for reading!

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