Stitch Fix Men Review


  1. LOL My husband is exactly. the. same. way. And this review is really encouraging. He does a lot of welding and doesn’t understand the idea of having a separate “not for welding, but casual” wardrobe. So everything is either full of burn holes or one of four cloned button downs in different colors. He also loathes shopping for anything other than food and boat parts lol. When he’s done with his current job, I’m definitely ordering him a fix.

  2. I talked my husband into getting a fix. I didn’t realize that he would schedule monthly fixes-I don’t even get fixes monthly! lol But, he really does love it. We figured out they carry a lot of brands that they carry at The Buckle, which he likes, but we don’t have much time for shopping. So far, he’s kept 2 pieces out of each of his 3 fixes and is very pleased with his items.

  3. I like the shirt he kept and I agree with you about the jeans–they really do look great on him! I think I would have fun getting one of these for my husband, although I think he would have a similar reaction to the prices–he’s not a big shopper either. He’d love not having to go to the store though!

  4. My husband is the same on shopping…or rather not shopping lol. He once took a stapler, I kid you not, to a shirt just so he could keep wearing it! Not out in public, around the house…but still! This sounds like a great service for the men in our lives who loathe getting out to the stores, and I appreciate y’alls review of it. I agree with you, your hubby looked handsome in everything ;).


  5. Reading your husbands comments made me laugh…such a typical guy. I heard Stitch Fix was going to start Fixes for men and I wondered how successful it would be. Most guys hate to shop (win for Stitch Fix), but they don’t like spending a lot of money for clothes either (lose for Stitch Fix as they are too expensive in most guys eyes).

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  7. Great men’s line!!

    I am doing the second installment of my collaboration with fashion-forward brand STAYING SUMMER this week at blog & I know you’ll like it – don’t forget to drop by & let me know what you think!

    Happy Monday!


  8. I just had to comment because my husband absolutely hates to shop, he’s still wearing jeans from well… probably 20yrs ago. I mean we’ve be married 30yrs and I think he’s only shopped a few times! I continue to buy his socks and underwear because…well I throw them out so I have to replace them. Men…. they’re soooo simple!

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