TOBI made in the USA "Ventura Oversized Pocket Tee", LulaRoe black leggings, denim vest, Nena & Co. day bag (1)


  1. I agree when front and bum are covered they should be okay. However my daughter isn’t allowed to wear them to school even if she has a long tunic on over them. And she has stomach issues which requires her to wear comfortable pants with no tight waistlines. And even has a doctor’s note to wear them and they still say no.

  2. I agree with you, but unfortunately every time I go out, I see women wearing them as pants. It’s a losing battle I’m afraid. I think part of the problem is that most tops do not cover the bum, although I have noticed they seem to be making them longer now. I find the best way to wear leggings is a short dress. They definitely cover the bum.

  3. I would add, “when the bum and the front are covered”. I mean, you’ve seen it and I don’t even want to type the words, but too many hi-lo hems lead to covered bottoms in leggings but camel toes in the front. There, I typed it.

    I need one (or more) of those lace extenders….

  4. In college, when this trend was making it’s debut, I was FIRMLY in the “leggings are not pants” group and was oddly vocal about my dislike of the trend. Now, I’ve really embraced it but with the same parameters you have – no flesh colored (eeek) and always have my bum completely covered!

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