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  1. What a good read! I do think as you get closer to 40, confidence in yourself increases (at least that’s what I’ve heard!). I definitely struggle with insecurity but find little by little I’m okay being me! And also I’m sure you’re not even close to 40! That might have come out wrong! Lol! I should just stop talking. 😂

  2. I can totally relate to this post, especially during this season of my life. This adult thing is NOT all it’s cracked up to be, lol. But it has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. When I turned 30 a few months ago, things really clicked. Like, yea…I’m grown. LOL! Still thankful for the lessons tho. 😉


  3. I think it hit me when two out of my three girls had milestone birthdays this year. One turned 21 and one turned 18. So yea I was denying it until now. LOL

  4. Arrggghh. Adulting is so overrated, right?? I really do not remember when I felt like a full-fledged grown-up BUT ask me how old I feel, and I’ll immediately say 29. For some reason, it’s like I stopped realising (ok, admitting) I was continuing to age the moment I turned 29 hahaha does that even make sense? And cool beans, new site layout. I haven’t been going around the last few weeks and then I come here, bham. New look 🙂

    And I really do hope you’ll come by the blog today, I’m trying something new. A giveaway. I’ve styled three looks using the same shirt dress, and I’d like to know which is your fave outfit. In return, you stand to win a Beauty Giftpack 🙂

    Right here

  5. I totally agree that one day it was like a switch just flipped and I was an adult. Sometimes I totally wish I was still a kid with no responsibilities but then I also love the “complete freedom” of making my own choices. Love this post!

  6. I still have days where I don’t feel *quite* like a full-fledged adult yet. But I totally get what you mean about looking back on the things you used to worry about and thinking, well THAT was silly! Yay for adulting!

  7. I love how you’re changing up your linkup–you already do so much to promote brands that give back, so this goes right along with that. I’m always inspired by your dedication to ethical fashion. Love this look and I totally agree with what you said about being an adult. For me it was maybe after I became a mom that I truly felt like a real adult… and it scared me to death, ha! 🙂

  8. You look comfy and relaxed in this outfit!
    ahhh adulthood … what I have learned over the years – there are no mistakes just learning experiences … each experience good and not so good take us in the direction of our purpose. Being comfortable in our skin is definitely the first step. You are well on your way to living your best live!! great post 🙂

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  10. I don’t know when I turned into an adult either, and although it can be stressful, there is also a peace about it like you mentioned! My sister is currently in high school and thinking back to those days makes me so happy that I’m more comfortable with myself now than I was back then!!
    Fizz and Frosting

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