1. Thank you for being honest! I had some postpartum depression after our second, and it was difficult! I hope you are doing better and enjoying all the snuggles.

    I’d love to know where the purple dress came from in your picture! It’s so pretty!

  2. Oh Molly! I wish I could give you a hug. I love this post and especially your honesty and realness. A lot of women go through PPD so I’m glad that you have openly shared this so so many will know they aren’t alone at all.

  3. I have always loved how authentic your blog is. You don’t shy away from writing about what’s on your heart and that is amazing. I’m sure this will help many people experiencing the same thing.


  4. Oh, Molly, so so so beautiful. By you sharing, I know there are women reading who are feeling that thing we all crave; “I am not alone.” There is no magic wand to make it all better but bringing it out in the light and stating the words and having a dear friend not take any crap from you is a gift. What a friend!
    Ok, and THEN you hosted the fashion show. What in the world? You may not even remember but you mentioned PPD as a side comment. THAT was vulnerable. Especially in the midst of crazy (the show, not you).
    You are a great mom and getting help and surrounding yourself with those who love you more than you’ll ever know proves that.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I already struggled with anxiety/depression before having my baby and went through such a roller coaster postpartum with the added emotions and new responsibilities of motherhood. It was (and still can be) hard. I’m so thankful for my amazing hubby and family! They have been so loving and understanding! My husband has even chosen to move us back to my home state so I can live near my family for extra support and love (I could cry now from sheer thankfulness for his tender care for me and desire for me to be well). Your blog is such a happy place for me! Thank you again for your vulnerability. You are a blessing!

  6. You’re so dang brave, Molly! I went through the exact same thing with Winston, and he was my first! Just so much adjusting and not feeling myself. It’s a little scary to think of having another (although I TOTALLY am) because of how hard it was post-baby. You’re awesome. Thank you for sharing. <3

    The Bee’s Knees

  7. It took me over 18 months to realize what I went through after having Carson was PPD. Like you, I chalked it up to life with two. I didn’t understand why things felt so DIFFERENT than they were with Owen. I felt so much guilt and pain and didn’t know how to work through it. The thought never crossed my mind until I read a post similar to yours. Everything clicked. The pain and depression and anger and anxiety I went through WAS normal. It’s so hard to feel “normal” in this pretty-picture-life world we see everyone living. Thank you for your vulnerability. It truly made me feel a sort of peace with my journey again. And there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It just took me a long time to get there.

    Being a parent rocks but sometimes it is tough. I’m so thankful for your openness and honesty ❤️

  8. As usual, you are a TOTAL rockstar Molly. You are always so inspirational, and I feel blessed that you would share such a personal journey with all of us blog readers. I’m sure that SO many moms out there I taking comfort in reading your words. Keep being your amazing self <3
    Lee |

    LegalLee Blonde

  9. I’m so glad you shared your story. I don’t know when it became a norm for people to say they were fine when they really weren’t. You are strong and I applaud you for sharing.
    xo, Lee

  10. You are so amazing for sharing this story Molly. I think so many women feel the same as you. You will help a lot of moms out there. Love you and am so proud of you for sharing your story with us.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, Molly. It takes a lot of strength and courage to admit and talk about any kind of mental illness, but I think it’s so important to do because of the sheer number of people who suffer from mental issues and the stigma that still surrounds every single type. I have no doubts that you’re an excellent mother, wife, and person regardless of anything you’ve been through. In fact, I think the fact that you sought help when you needed it makes you an ever better mother! I’ve suffered from mild depression in the past so I’m terrified that it will come back after I have this baby, and I’ve been trying to prepare myself as much as possible so I can recognize symptoms and when to get help. This post is extremely reassuring for me because I know I have a great support system, as it sounds like you do. I’m sending you positive energy and vibes. <3

    NCsquared Life

  12. This post was perfect! Thank you for sharing your heart and helping so many women who have and are going through the same thing! You are amazing! Proud of you, friend!

  13. I just looooove coming to your blog. While I don’t always comment, I do thoroughly read your posts and participate in your weekly link up (thank you for hosting, by the way). I love the fact that your posts are informative and thought provoking. Sometimes I learn a new thing or sometimes I shed a tear. Today I’ve done both, because I’ve been that mom too. The only thing is I was reluctant to admit I was suffering from those symptoms. Thank you for your transparency, Molly. I truly believe it will help others to see that we as moms don’t always have it together. However, as you stated, that doesn’t make us bad moms. It makes us human. Sending love and light your way. Be blessed beautiful lady!

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  15. This is such a lovely post! I am happy your finding your way back my love. Post partum depression is not joke or easy task. Our body goes through so much during and after pregnancy that at times takes over us completely. Btw you have such a good friend, who saw the pain in your eyes.
    Thank you for hosting,


  16. I love all the candor and honest you have put into this post. It is so hard sometimes just being a mom to one and having two is def not an easy fleet. I completely get you and you are def not alone. Society puts too much criticism on moms for what they are doing and what they are NOT doing. Moms just rock for being a mom, we are all human and have emotions and can’t be perfect all day everyday. Thank you for sharing this and thank you girls for featuring my two lil rockstars this week! 🙂

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  17. Relieved to see someone post about something like this… my daughter was a preemie and so while I didn’t have the automatic symptoms during recovery, a few months later when she came home from the NICU I had to deal with my own version of this, although I doubt it was quite to the extent you were faced with overcoming. 15 months later I still have moments and it takes reminders like these that I just have to let it pass. YOU ROCK for putting this out there so eloquently and in such a way anybody could read this and feel less alone and less “unfixable.”

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