The Flourish Market Grace & Lace crochet duster, The Root Collective Espe booties (1)


  1. Hahaha, duster = grandma, I feel that way about grandpa cardigans, Molly, even when it’s my 21 year old son wearing ’em. All jokes aside, I love dusters, be they cardigans or vests or shirts. I’m 3″ shorter than you and I feel that, with the right proportions, they make me look as statuesque as I could ever be 🙂

    p/s that burgundy!!!

    On the blog today, I’m tackling something literally “borrowed from the boys”, i.e., an item of clothing I took from my husband’s wardrobe. Come on over and see how I (and four other women of all ages) styled pieces we, ahem, borrowed from the men in our lives.

  2. I love the duster look on others, and it looks great on you, but I often worry about how it works out on shorter frames. Being only 5’1″ makes it important to find the right length for any and everything because I run the risk of looking like a child playing dress up, or like I’m simply wearing clothes that are too big. I think one like this could work, though, because it’s thin and not bulky. I love it!

    NCsquared Life

  3. Well, I’m confused about you worrying about a duster being “Grandma like” because Ive never seen any grandma ever wearing anything like this…but they should. Because age should never dictate style. Anyway, it’s gorgeous! Wow! Love the color and the crochet. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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