Agnes & Dora aztec print Curie Dress, Lily Jade bag, Noonday Collection necklace (1)


  1. I like the Agnes & Dora Curie and Austen dresses. I haven’t seen as much variation in prints in the A&D as I see in LLR. The A&D prints often seem more intricate with paisley prints and other patterns. I love both lines and as much as they are alike they’re also very different.

  2. My wife sells Agnes & Dora. She started buying Lularoe and then discovered Agnes & Dora. She fell in love with Agnes & Dora and decided to become an independent consultant. A&D has a great line of clothing and comes out with new styles on a regular basis. Her website is if you are interested.

  3. Just hearing about this company here and now I’m browsing… do you mind my asking what size Curie you are wearing? Trying to figure out how TTS these are. Thank you!

  4. I’ve bought their leggings, the swing tunics, and the Austen dress. I love that most of their products have pockets! And the leggings material dresses they have are like HEAVEN!!!

  5. Being a former clothing store owner, I saw an opportunity with Agnes and Dora after my sister Holly told me about them. I just wasn’t sold on the other company due to knowing fashion and quality.

    I’m waiting for my inventory to start this s journey!

    Soon, very soon!

    Heather Agostini
    Kennewick, WA

  6. I believe Agnes & Dora is run by the niece of the LLR owner, Deanne. I’ve always seen your pictures with LLR. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on A&D. I am looking for a calmer place to fall in love with clothes. haha

  7. I discovered A&D like three weeks ago and already have 2 Curie’s, a pencil skirt, 5 pairs of leggings, and a midi. sooooo, yeah. I’m so stylish and broke! Haha

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