Taking on 2017 with The Intentional Planner | Intentional Planner Review - Christian Planner and Prayer Journal Review (1)


  1. I’d love so that it would help me keep on track of not only my schedule but inspire me to do better daily!

  2. I love paper planners and have really been looking for the perfect one for my grown up life and I think this might be it!

  3. I love planners! I used them for years in school up until I graduated. Now I mostly use my phone because I couldn’t find one I liked enough to keep it with me. But I am super hopeful I can start back up using one since I’m starting a new job with a monthly schedule… particularly this one if I get a chance to fit it into the budget! Fingers crossed for the contest! My tip for them though is to ALWAYS have things in pencil if they are negotiable and to make notes of certain events a day or week in advance so I don’t move on to a new day or week at a glance and panic over something I had forgotten until the day of! Great post as always Molly!

  4. I would love extra motivation to be organized! I’m pretty bad, what with the mom-brain! What a beautiful option!!!

  5. Love the sleek design and applying God’s word to my daily plans. With a family of 7 no app or online calendar can accomplish what I need. I’m returning to paper for 2017!

  6. This planner is absolutely gorgeous and I would LOVE for it to help me grow in my faith next year and also be more organized as I go back to school and juggle my family! Thank you!

  7. What a gorgeous planner! After 17 years away from a paper planner, I’m about to take the plunge to return. I miss it. Since you first posted about this one, I’ve been intrigued. I love that she sees this as a guide and not just a to-do list. AND it’s beautiful!

  8. I would like to be better organized in 2017 and I still prefer to use a paper planner vs. an electronic one. This planner is beautiful.

  9. I have been struggling with staying organized for sometime now and I do know that God is my answer to living life abundantly and He is my answer to everything. This planner sounds like it may be my answer to finally creating a space where I can see today and the coming weeks readily. Thanks for introducing me to this planner.

  10. I would need a planner so i can balance my schedule in studying to get my license next year and same time with duties of being a wife

  11. I still use a paper planner! I am loving this one! Will add it to my list for 2017….so many choices, so hard to choose

  12. O my o my o my….. I am getting giddy here Molly! First of all great review. I love planners and trying to really pin point what planner I want for 2017! This one looks simply amazing. I love the spiritual side of it too. It seems to have what others have missed 🙂 I am so excited to enter the giveaway. This would be a blessing in my life for sure!

  13. Hi! I need a planner for long-term (and short-term) goal setting. And, let’s face it, two kids changes the game completely. I just had my second in May, and I’m still trying to juggle life. An Intentional Planner seems like it would help me with everything!

  14. I still use paper calendars! I even have two – one for work and one for the rest of my life. The tiny elephant on the front is my favorite, so chic and cute! I love that it’s different from other planners and focuses on different aspects of your life.

  15. First of all, I’m totally with you- I need a paper planner. I’m visual and need to “look” at my calendar several times a day. Second, this is quite possibly the prettiest planner ever! It’s stunning! I love that it’s not a traditional planner. A planner seems like the perfect place to explore goals, faith and and relationships. Genius!

  16. I have been looking at planners and calendars for a month. I can’t find one I really like; but this planner looks amazing. I like the word intentional….I believe it might help me keep a little more organized and not as scattered.
    Love your blog, by the way. I found you through Pinterest and a style search. Although I am much older than you, I like your style aesthetic. Even if I cannot wear the exact thing you do, I can use the color combination or pieces as a jumping off point for my clothing choices.

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