January Stitch Fix Review - A Stitch Fix Box with Ethically Made Items, a Stitch Fix Giveaway


  1. The paisley top and the wrap bracelet are my favorites! I love, love, love the wrap bracelets that I own! I did really like the jacket, too.

  2. Keep the Save the Duck jacket! I don’t wear animal products and have a hard time finding winter jackets and coats that don’t have wool or down so I love this company. I learned about them while shopping at Bloomingdale’s. The jackets look great! I’m still trying to find a professional long winter jacket w/o wool – any ideas?

  3. The black jeans. In the first picture before I even knew they were in your Fix, I thought, “Wow, Molly looks amazing in those jeans!” So, if you have the referral credit, keep them!
    And that jacket? LOVE! Similar price to a Patagonia. You pay for quality and ethically made.

  4. I agree with your decisions, the only item that’s not a keeper is the neutral Papermoon top. You HAVE to keep the green/blue paisley Papermoon blouse – it’s so pretty and flattering!! Those jeans sound wonderful and black denim is a great basic and I also love that jacket. I have never heard of Save the Duck, too cute! And it’s one of those jackets that will come in handy for a long time. For my next stitch fix, I will have to include a note about ethical brands and made in the USA. My first two fixes have both been 5/5 and I am very pleased with the items and style. Hooray!

  5. I love that Stitch Fix carries coats from an animal cruelty free company! That is huge for me!!! I also love the black pants and paisley top!! Great color for you! Happy New Year!

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