Simple Southwest Salad with Chipotle Chicken Sausage | RECIPE (2)


  1. I was just talking about aldi the other day. It is the I have been going to them since my college days and when we moved here and I saw there were right around the corner I was so HAPPY!!!

  2. I haven’t tried Aldi mostly because one isn’t very convenient to me, but my friends that use it love it! Also, good salads are my lifesaver these days and chicken sausage is one of those things that I make sure we never run out of!

  3. I do our weekly shopping at ALDI to keep us within our food budget. As a family of 7 with one of my children being on a predominantly AIP diet, I’m still able to find everything we need and shop natural and organic. I love healthier snack options with limited ingredients, minimal processing and natural colors and flavors.My favorite product right now at ALDI is their eggs at 27 cents a dozen!!! While they aren’t free range they are 27 cents a dozen and you can purchase up to six dozen at a time. I also love their Christmas baked items from Germany, less expensive than World Market and most of the same brands.

  4. I completely forget about Aldi when shopping! Many people I know have gotten great items from them! Thanks for the reminder and the amazing recipe!
    xo, Lee

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