Nairobi, Kenya landfill - January 2017 (1)


  1. You said it perfectly- wrestle with this is exactly what I’ll do. Because there is no answer, and you reach for your God and try to find an answer, but how can he give you one? At least, a definitive one? Your pictures are so telling, and your words convey so much. Praying for so much in this situation and your time there!

  2. Oh, Molly, thank you for the update. Though I’m sure it is not easy to find time/space to post, I think you’ll be glad you have this fresh perspective after you return home.
    Beautiful photos. You make me feel like I’m there.
    Hugs to Maureen.

  3. How can I read this and not cry? My heart breaks reading this, and my soul feels barren, lost, numb. We are all one people, one heart, one connectedness. Your pictures are vivid, one can almost taste them. The rawness of the poverty through your story telling and pictures overwhelms me and yet stirs in me to my deepest core of all that is human, all that is good and all that is compassionate, how can we as human beings let other humans suffer so much? I don’t know. I feel like you. I don’t know. I don’t know either. Thank you Molly. Thank you. So. Much.

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