1. I love Aldi and shop there all the time! You can’t get a better deal for your money and you can’t tell the difference in quality – it’s the same if not better than name brands!

  2. My fiance orders ACP ALL.THE.TIME. when we go out for dinner at Mexican restaurants (which admittedly might be a little too often that we do that…). I definitely need to try this recipe! (Or…more likely I’ll give the recipe to him and have him cook. Because yunno. I burn things.)

  3. I have the same dishes! Both my grandma and my great aunt gave me their sets so I have quite the collection and I love them so much. Also – Aldi is the BEST. Switched to Aldi as my primary grocery store 6+ years ago and I’ve been saving big money ever since.

  4. I LOVE ACP ❤ lol. I grew up with a Puerto Rican best friend, which in turn gave me a Puerto Rican second family. The food is different, but helped expose me to Hispanic/Latin foods. I’d leave to share a recipe for arroz con gandules (rice and beans) and the recipe for how I cook the chicken to go with it. I actually might make it a “Tasty Tuesday” post 🤔 Any who, I’ll definitely be trying your recipe!

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