I Get Sentimental About Baby Clothes (& Link-Up)

February 27, 2017·

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Since Amos turned a year old, I have been getting really sentimental about everything lately. I feel like moreso than usual… his first year just FLEW… even faster than Lilly’s first year. Well, at least to me. 

And as I look back on pictures of Lilly’s first year and Amos’s first year and as I think about the weeks and months to come, I always seem to have this strange sentimental attachment and feeling with my baby’s clothes. Am I the only one like this? 

Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (2) For example, I’ll look at a picture of Lilly as a baby and think, “Gosh, she was so sweet in that little dress!” or I’ll look at a picture of Amos and think, “I loved taking him on his first airplane ride and I remember him in that outfit!” 

I guess it’s kind of like how we associate certain smells with memories… I feel like with kids a lot of memories are tied in what our kids wore.

Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (3)

Lilly is now at the age where she’s really (really) opinionated about what she wears (in fact, she gets herself dressed almost every day). Amos is like “Whatevs!” 🙂  Regardless, I love shopping for my kids and I love picking out outfits for certain occasions, events, or even just everyday life. 

Carter’s has always been one of my favorite places to get baby clothes and kid’s shoes for my kiddos. They’re made really well (they withstand A LOT of playing), they are adorable, super comfortable, and also affordable! With kid’s clothes it can be hard because they outgrow clothes so quickly, so it’s important to be smart when shopping for your kids!

Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (4)

I mean, how cute does Amos look in this outfit? Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (5)

Lilly actually picked out this dress herself! I took her to the Carter’s site and let her pick out which dress she wanted and this was it… she loved the “pretty part” (aka: the crochet-eyelet part at the top). Also, all Lilly wants to wear these days are dresses.Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (6)

I had to show you guys these outtakes because #reallife.

Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (7) Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (8) Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (9)

We went to this place near our house where you can feed goats and ducks and fish and Lilly and Amos were rocking their Carter’s outfits! They’re so stinkin’ cute I can’t handle them… 🙂 

Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (10)

Lilly squeezing his head… I realize I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it. Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (11)

We love Carter’s jammies, shirts, and playsuits! I get so teary eyed every time I put away clothes he has grown out of. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one!



The Carter’s February baby sale is happening right now and has a bunch of awesome deals going on… PLUS, you can use the code “CARIFFEB” from now until March 6th for 20% off your purchase of $40 or more from Carter’s (valid both in-store AND online!)

Now what about you? Are you sentimental about your kid’s clothes? Do you have “that outfit” that you can’t get rid of because it means too much to you (even though your kid has long outgrown it)? Do you also love Carter’s?

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