Carter's Kids and Baby Clothing (1)


  1. I feel the same way about clothes!! My oldest was a premie and I just had to keep a few of her premie outfits. I look at them every year around her birthday and I still can’t believe she was once that tiny!! She’s almost 3 now!

  2. I get SO sentimental over my daughter’s clothes. I’ve recently given some of her recently outgrown clothes away, but the baby clothes are hard to part with. I keep the clothes that have particularly special memories. My daughter has my hoarding instincts and wants to keep everything for when she has a child (she’s only seven!) which drives my husband nuts!

    Emma xxx

  3. Amazing shots! I get super sentimental about my Kiddies baby clothes. I still have certain pieces I just can’t let go of (even from my 20 yr old). Thanks for sharing these awesome moments with us…your babies are adorable!

  4. How cute are they?! Natural models. I am not sentimental about clothes. I enjoy them when my little wears them and snap pics to capture and remember the moments. If its aomething I deem extra special I will save for a family member. I love to bless some one and giveaway and donate the clothes.

  5. I can’t get over the cuteness! Lilly and Amos are beyond adorable. I can only imagine when I have a child one day, I probably will have the same sentiments about their little clothes.

  6. These pics adorable! I don’t have any of the clothes my kids wore when they were little. They are older almost 17 & 22 both boys;) However I still am touched by the scrapbook pics I have of them.

  7. So cute! I don’t even have kids and love baby clothes, which might be weird. Your kids are adorable, I love seeing their little personalities!

  8. Molly, you are definitely not the only who gets sentimental over baby clothes! I get sentimental over my own clothes, so of course, the adorable things my children have worn for special occasions tug hard at my heart strings. Some outfits I have kept in a keepsake bin for each them. Other things I have forced myself to part with…like really forced (with tears in my eyes)!


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