Meet Judy: My Sseko Sole Sister

May 26, 2017·

This is Judy, Sseko Sole Sister.

Judy is from Gulu, Uganda. She is the firstborn of six children. She and all of her siblings stay with her uncle. She is quiet and thoughtful – while others often think she can’t speak, it’s simply because she hasn’t had a lot of practice with her conversational skills.

She loves chemistry and she loves math and she loves to read. She dreams of things like visiting the airport in Entebbe and watching the planes take off and seeing where the tickets are given out. Meet Judy: My Sseko Sole Sister by ethical fashion blogger Still Being Molly

Even though she doesn’t understand it, she loves to hear people speaking Spanish and she dreams of visiting countries like Spain and Argentina. She loves foods like cabbage and potatoes and she admires women like Betty Nambozo, a politician from the Mukono district in Uganda. Judy says, “one time I was reading about her stories in the newspapers, and she really encouraged me how she studied, how she didn’t lose hope.”

Judy hopes to study medicine one day. Since she was a little girl, she has dreamed of being a doctor and she realized that she wants to use her role as a doctor to help the poor.Meet Judy: My Sseko Sole Sister by ethical fashion blogger Still Being Molly

Judy is a member of the Sseko Designs artisan group and every purchase you make from Sseko Designs helps to pay for Judy’s scholarship for university.

Judy is my Sseko sole sister.

You guys know how much I love Sseko Designs because, I mean, I talk about them all the time on this blog. They are one of my favorite ethical fashion brands… I became friends with the founder, Liz Bohannon, through the internets and even had her on my podcast this spring. And Liz asked if I’d like to get connected with a Sseko sole sister to help share her story. And OF COURSE I said yes. Sharing stories of women in other nations is such a huge passion of mine.

So, over the next few months, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of Judy’s story. Why? Because I want you to see that there is a real person with a real name that makes everything we buy.

Sseko’s mission of helping women have a job that helps them earn a scholarship to pay for university is so important. By empowering and educating women, you are changing communities. The reality is, studies show that women in developing nations who are educated and earn an income invest 90% of their incomes back into their communities.

Investing in the life of a woman means investing in the lives of people in entire communities.

I am going to be sharing an interview with Judy soon and I’d love for you to leave a comment with a question for Judy! What is something about her, her life, her childhood, etc. that you’d like to know? 

And in the meantime, check out the latest collection from Sseko Designs and use the code “stillbeingmolly” for 15% off. Each and every purchase you make helps Judy and other women exactly like her pursue their dreams.