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  1. 😉 This article is excellent timing. I am old fashioned, so I went and wore WHITE on LABOR DAY! JUST TO show that I can…. But I admit, …it is so hard to break the old rules, so dutifully after Labor Day, I sadly put my summer whites away. Omg, it is such a sad parting of ways for me…. which is why I went crazy on Labor Day declaring to the world, “It’s White and I AM Wearing it! lol. I still can’t wear ‘jammie’ type bottoms into stores and I struggle severely with wearing any kind of athletic wear into stores etc… (at home or gym – well okay, my home is my gym!) but I will quickly dress out of them and put on something more suitable …. even to go to the grocery store! – Ripped Jeans? Never! I don’t care how distressed the fashion is! (that’s just me)! Giant Handbags? Always! I put my whole world into my bags! – Great article!!! Love you Molly! (i know, i know, my fashion sense screams ‘Senior’!) 😛

  2. I will admit I don’t wear white now but not because it is after Labor Day but because I am such a clutz and will totally have mess spilled on it.

  3. I also read that the rule was created after the civil war to distinguish “old money” from “new money” as in only women from “old money” could wear white after Labor Day. Since I have NO money, I always wear white after Labor Day! 😀 What I haven’t been brave enough to do yet is wear all white like this gorgeous outfit, so I’m going to have to be brave and give it a try!

  4. This outfit is the bomb!! You look fabulous! I can see why you & your hubby both like it. I like to wear my white jeans with boots and neutral sweaters in the fall and winter.

  5. You look amazing in that outfit and I really do love that necklace! I actually just swapped out my “summer” and “fall” clothes and use the whole “white after labor day” to give my favorites a rest so I don’t wear them completely out! But it’s interesting to know where it actually came from!

  6. I really enjoyed this one, Molly! Very interesting history. I have always felt so torn on this because I love the look of white denim, but it always feels way too hot to wear jeans around here in the summer time.

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