Chicco NextFit® iX - TurnAfter2 Campaign - Best rear facing convertible car seat that can fit in a pickup truck (1)


  1. Amos looks so cute in his carseat. I will have say that with my two older girls they were car seats which seems like forever I think it was around the time they turned 8 or 9 I decided to not let them sit in them anymore. They both were so little and still are.

  2. Yes I am very passionate about rear facing until age 2. I actually did longer with my daughter. It is safer. I’d rather them possibly break a leg in a wreck then lose their life!

  3. We actually don’t use a car all that much living in the city, but I am still certain that having a great car seat is important! Since we only use a car occasionally, we have to install a car seat each time, so I can imagine this would be a serious help.

  4. I didn’t know that about keeping kids rear-facing as long as possible, but as a soon-to-be mama I’m glad to know now!

  5. Although my kids are teens now, I was super passionate about car seat safety when they were babies. We used rear facing car seats until they were each at least two. I didn’t know all the facts about it, it just felt safer to me.

  6. I am definitely on board for keeping my children rear facing until they are 2, and maybe even longer. Babies need to build up muscle tone before they can face forward.

  7. Currently using the Chico infant seat that came with the bravo stroller system. This is great information for our search for a convertible seat! Almost nothing fits in a dang Focus. :-/

  8. Hey Molly! My daughter is 26 months and still rear facing. She’s little, still under 25 pounds, so I don’t think we’ll be turning her around soon! Thanks for posting about this! Love your blog!

  9. I am totally passionate about fear facing until the appropriate age because it is the safest position to be for your child.

  10. We are expecting a baby through adoption and are just researching all the baby information we need to know. Great info about how important rear facing. We are onboard for doing it as long as possible.

  11. Yes, anything to keep my little ones safer is worth the effort, my kids have never complained about being rear facing for a long time

  12. I am more passionate than my husband. He turned our toddler in his car right at 2. I’m still holding fast in my car at a few months later.

  13. I wish turning kids forward facing wasn’t a “milestone” in our culture for some reason. We’re solidly in the camp of waiting until kids are about to exceed a seat’s limits.

  14. We got the Fit2 car seat for our little one and love it! We wanted to keep her rear-facing for 2 years and I loved that this will give her extra leg room as she grows. Plus it connects in any of the Chicco strollers which is so convenient for on-the-go!

  15. I rear faced my son until two weeks before he turned two and still feel a little guilty about turning him around. I plan on rear facing my daughter as long as possible, though. My son was really antsy rear facing, but my daughter’s going to have him to look at so she’ll be just fine. I am definitely on board with carseat safety.

  16. I agree that this is much safer! A lot of people seem in a rush to turn their kids around, but I’m not convinced it’s any easier to get a toddler in a car set whether they’re front- or rear-facing 🙂

  17. I rear face to the max now. Over 8 years ago I didn’t know better and made the switch too soon but thankfully we didn’t get into an accident or have to learn the hard way. I love that more information is out there now and people are spreading the word!!

  18. I didn’t realize the weight limit was 40lbs for rear facing! 😳 For some reason I only had 30lbs in my head. Super interested in that car seat for baby #2!

  19. My daughter rear faced till nearly two years old… She exceeded the weight limit so we switched her to face forward right before her birthday. We love our chicco carseat too!

  20. I am expecting my first and honestly I never knew a child is suppose to be read facing until two . I have seen many people front face their child so early on. So this is so great to know for first time mom to be like me.

  21. My children are grown and I don’t have any grandchildren. (Yet! 😉 ) But, I def have an opinion on this and yes! rear facing until 2 is super important and safe!

  22. Yes! I think it’s very important to rear face until 2. Rear facing seats are able to protect better than forward facing. I have a 10 month old baby and 3 year old. Of course, my oldest is already forward facing and I hope to keep my little one rear facing as long as possible, for her safety.

  23. Im passionate about RFing as long as possible! I want a seat that has the highest weight limit I can find. this seat looks amazing

  24. My son is over 2 and still rear facing. I think it is so important and I can’t accept the fact that he is big enough to face forward 🙂

  25. I love this! I’ve been doing a bunch of research and decided I wanted the Fit2 since we’ll have to have two car seats once the baby is out of the infant seat, so I want it to last as long as possible. There haven’t been that many reviews on the Fit2 so thanks for that! All of our friends love the NextFit (I actually found a pretty much brand new one at a consignment sale) and we’re going to register for the NextFit iZip for the other car.

  26. Love this post – I’m expecting my first child in December and already purchased the Chicco Keyfit travel system for when she’s first born (it’ll be cold here so I definitely wanted the carrier!) but have been looking at the Chicco Fit 2 for after she outgrows the infant carrier! And I hope to keep her rear-facing as long as possible!

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