I Need Your Help! Can You Spare $1?

October 12, 2017·

I’m registered for #Dressember and I need your help. Donate today to partner with me to end human trafficking!

It's more than a dress - help me raise money for Dressember! Roma Boots, LulaRoe Carly dress, Pinkblush Cardigan, Nickel and Suede Earrings, Noonday Collection exploration bag, Noonday Collection midnight necklace (1) - I Need Your Help! Can You Spare $1? by North Carolina ethical fashion blogger Still Being Molly

Can you spare $1?

Think about what you spent on Starbucks this week. Think about what you spent on clothes last month. Think about what you spent at Chipotle (looking at myself, here). Could you spare that much to help rescue someone from the horrors of human trafficking?

There are more than 40 million slaves – men, women, and children caught in the bonds of human trafficking – in the world today. That’s more than during the entire 400 years of the trans-atlantic slave trade. To me, this is absolutely unacceptable. I will not (and can not) rest until I know I’ve done all that I can do to end this reality for so many beautiful people around the world.

While this is something that is a life mission for me, this fall I’ve done something to up the ante a little bit…

I have officially registered for DRESSEMBER! 

What is #Dressember?

#Dressember is a worldwide initiative to raise awareness and funds for International Justice Mission and A21 – two organizations that are boots-on-the-ground doing the hard work to END human trafficking in our lifetime. I am committing to wear a DRESS every day during the month of December (yes, even if it is cold out!). 

I have set a PERSONAL fundraising goal of $6,300. This is not a small amount… and there’s a reason. $6,300 would help to fund the rescue operation of a person in human trafficking.

To make things interesting, if I REACH my goal of $6,300 by December 1st, I will ALSO wear a dress while I work out at Burn Boot Camp. You know you want to see me do burpees in a dress! I’m being completely serious. 

Here’s the thing, though. I need your help. I can’t do this alone. If I could donate the $6,300 myself, I would. But yeah, that’s not going to happen. I’ve made my donation… but I need you guys to partner WITH me to make this happen.

And it’s really this simple – if every single person reading this blog post donated $1 (yes, that’s one dollar), we could not just rescue one person, we could rescue multiple people. We’d surpass the goal.

So will you donate $1 today? (I mean, you’re MORE than welcome to donate more… maybe $5. Or $10. Maybe the amount you spent on clothes last month… or the amount you spent at Chipotle yesterday… whatever amount you are comfortable with.) 

Let’s go get this. I truly believe we can see human trafficking END in our lifetime. I need your help! They need our help!

And thank you for your support. Every single donation, no matter how large or small, means the world to me. I mean it. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. 

Can You Spare $1? I Need Your Help! - I Need Your Help! Can You Spare $1? by North Carolina ethical fashion blogger Still Being Molly