Wearwell Review: Ethical Fashion Styling Service (4)


  1. Kudos to Wearwell for pioneering an ingenious concept – an ethically sourced personal styling service! What a brilliant way to make ethical fashion effortlessly accessible.

    The Dorianne top sounds divine – Tencel is such a dream fabric. And that BowBowInk skirt! Even through photos the vibrant colors and whimsical print radiate joy. Though bittersweet to return it, wise of you to pass for now and await the perfect season and occasion to flaunt its splendor.

    Admiring the vision behind those stunning Soko bangles too. As collections grow, curation calls. But should wrist stack fantasies strike, such conscientious artistry awaits!

    Thank you for spotlighting Wearwell’s extraordinary ethos. May abundance bless their budding business, that their conscious creativity may continue blessing us all with sustainable style. Here’s to the fruits of enterprising souls who lead with love!

  2. Hey! I liked this Skirt. Surely want to give a try to this dress. I hope this will suit me. I hope that the dress will suit me. the fabric of the skirt is amazing and black color always attracts me.

  3. I love the idea of this! I might try it out after baby! I love that skirt! I probably would have kept it just so I could immediately wear it when it was warm enough, haha. I also love (sorry for all the love) that they basically sent a full outfit. That always makes me happy!

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