Breaking Stillman Family News…

January 15, 2018·

Well, this has been SO hard to keep secret from you guys… but the Stillman family has a bit of a news report for you:

We are so excited to announce Stillman baby #3 is coming mid-July 2018! We are feeling very grateful and we don’t take this honor lightly.

I’ll be sure to share more updates and family news, but to answer your burning questions:

  • I am 14 weeks now and due July 15th
  • I will have another c-section… We’ve spoken at length with my midwives and for my health and safety and for the health and safety of the baby, a c-section is the safest route. Without going too much into detail, my body has some physical complications that just don’t allow for a natural birth. (Trust me, I tried with Lilly! hahaha!) Needless to say, I’m grateful for modern medicine and that I’m able to birth safely!
  • Lilly and Amos are so excited to add another little one to the family
  • I have been not feeling great, to be honest. It’s been a pretty rough first 14 weeks… but my spirits are good and I’m not taking this for granted! Also, I’m thankful for my oils and also for medication.
  • We are NOT going to find out the gender again 🙂 We like surprises!
  • I have still been going to Burn Boot Camp! I’m so thankful that I’ve managed to work out at least 4-6x a week throughout my first trimester. Some days are certainly easier than others, but getting exercise is important to me!
  • I am working with my trainers and my midwives to make sure that I’m being SAFE while working out, while also focusing on having a healthy pregnancy.
  • The first trimester has not been without it’s challenges and I will share more at some point, but just know that I’m thankful every day!

Ever since John and I got married, we have wanted a big family… We love kids and we are really looking forward to adding another to our crazy crew!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and I’m grateful for your support on this huge family news and for this community!

If you have any other questions or anything you want to know, let me know!