Clean Skincare | Primally Pure Review

September 14, 2018·
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Looking for a clean skincare line that actually works? I’ve tried a few products from Primally Pure and wanted to share my review! Use coupon code STILLBEINGMOLLY for 10% off your entire first order!

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Ever since I made the switch to non-toxic and clean skincare a few years ago, there are a few products I’ve had a harder time finding “clean” versions of and switching over. I’ve tried tons and tons of clean beauty brands and found some success, but sometimes I hit a wall – ESPECIALLY when it comes to dry shampoo, setting spray, and deodorant!

A friend of mine told me about Primally Pure and RAVED about it so I wanted to try it! Primally Pure was started by a woman named Bethany… a farmer’s wife and mama, who just wanted to be able to find and recognize the ingredients in her beauty and skincare products. I love their story!! (I would love to have her on my podcast!)

ANYWAY… so to start I have tried their Geranium Deodorant, Dry Shampoo for Dark Locks, and Complexion Mist. I have had a lot of you ask me about this brand so I wanted to share my review. Note – I have been using these products for nearly three solid months now so I really wanted to give them a FULL chance and get a full, honest, review for you!

Primally Pure Review

The Geranium Deodorant 

I love their deodorant. The scent lasts ALL day, goes on smooth, and really does work. Now, it does have baking soda in it which can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin! But I have heard that it can just depend on the person. They have a bunch of different deodorants, charcoal, blue tansy (!!), and a few others! They’re really amazing and a great place to start if you’re looking to try out natural deodorant.

Dry Shampoo for Dark Locks

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I have been on the HUNT for a clean dry shampoo that not only WORKS, but also doesn’t immediately look like I have dandruff (since most dry shampoos are white and show up in my dark hair). I have fallen in LOVE with this dry shampoo. You just sprinkle it in your hair at the roots and “rub it in” like you would regular shampoo. It really does soak up the oils and add texture to your hair. Great for 2nd and 3rd day hair styling! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a great, clean, non-toxic dry shampoo! And yes, they do have a dry shampoo for light locks, too!

Complexion Mist

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This is a great mist for hydrating and toning. I love applying it right after I wash my face in the morning and before I go to bed at night. But also has another amazing benefit… I have been using it as a setting spray!! It really does help keep my makeup in place all day long. It smells so good, goes on smooth and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky at all. I am actually obsessed with this product and it is my favorite so far!!

Primally Pure also has men’s products, baby products, and more women’s skincare products. I can’t wait to try more!!

What about you? Have you tried Primally Pure? What are your favorite products? – Use coupon code STILLBEINGMOLLY for 10% off your entire first order!

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