IT IS FAIR TRADE MONTH! Here are a few of my favorite fair trade companies…

October 26, 2018·
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IT IS FAIR TRADE MONTH! In honor of October being Fair Trade Month, here are a few of my favorite fair trade companies…

HAPPY ALMOST-END-OF-OCTOBER!! You may or may not know that October is actually Fair Trade Month! This is a great opportunity for me to further share with you why I love shopping fair trade, why I support ethical companies, and I also wanted to highlight a few of my favorite fair trade brands!


  • Helps to reduce global poverty
  • Provides sustainable economic opportunity for marginalized and vulnerable communities
  • Ensures fair payment for work
  • Ensures safety for workers
  • Measures are taken to reduce negative environmental impact

SO MANY MORE. I did a whole podcast episode on how to get started with shopping ethically earlier this month… you can listen to it here!

So today, I’m sharing with you six of my favorite fair trade and ethical brands I think you should check out and support!! NOTE: this is NOT an exhaustive list, obviously. These are just a few that maybe you know or maybe you don’t! 🙂 

Ten Thousand Villages

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Ten Thousand Villages is one of THE OGs of the fair trade world. They’ve been around for a long time and work with artisans ALL OVER THE WORLD! They have an online shop in addition to shops all around the country! I have been a long time fan of Ten Thousand Villages and they are the place I recommend the most when you are really looking to start shopping fair trade and you want to find something for pretty much anyone on your list. This All Nations necklace is absolutely beautiful and every time I wear it I get compliments on it! You can use code “STILLBEINGMOLLY25” for 25% off your purchase of one regularly priced item.

Designed for Joy

Designed for Joy

Designed for Joy launched last year and was started by my dear friend Cary. She is a woman who DOES. She sees a problem, and she seeks to SOLVE it by DOING something. Designed for Joy is based here in Raleigh, North Carolina and not only are all her materials sourced ethically, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, all of her artisans are women who are coming from marginalized communities, vulnerable situations, or they are trying to get back on their feet. Many of these women are at risk for sex or labor trafficking… many of these women need a second chance. Designed for Joy is paying them ABOVE a living wage!! I am cheering my friend Cary on and I absolutely LOVE everything about this amazing non-profit and brand.

Redemption Market

Redemption Market

This Seek the Peace – Jerusalem “Floral & Fig” candle from Redemption Market smells amazing! It is a soy wax candle hand poured in Dallas, Texas by refugee women… these candles represent both an economic empowerment initiative as well as a peacemaking initiative between women of different faiths. The scents come from natural and essential oils and are completely clean burning!

I have loved Redemption Market for awhile now because it’s one of those “one-stop-shop” online boutiques that I KNOW that when I am purchasing a gift for myself or someone else from them, I know it is supporting an ethical and fair trade company!

Free Label

Free Label

Free Label is a new-to-me ethical clothing company based out of Canada! All the materials are eco-friendly, they are milled, cut, and sewn in Toronto, and they are providing sustainable economic opportunity for the local community! I love their basics and I like to say they are “elevated” basics! These amazing wrap pants are on pre-order right now and my pair is on the way to me and I cannot wait. These are stylish, yet look so comfortable!

Matr Boomie

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Matr Boomie is no stranger to this blog since I just did a blog post on them a few weeks ago AND I have had their founder on my podcast! I really wanted to include them in my Fair Trade Month round up because they’re so amazing. They carry beautiful jewelry, gifts, etc. They work to employ artisans all around India.

Fair Trade Friday Subscription Box

Fair Trade Friday

It wouldn’t be a Fair Trade round up post without mentioning Fair Trade Friday! I have been a personal subscriber of Fair Trade Friday for over two years. Fair Trade Friday is a monthly subscription box featuring fair trade companies from all across the globe – but most importantly, Fair Trade Friday supports Mercy House Global – a maternity home for teen girls who are pregnant and being rescued out of the slums of Kenya. I am a huge cheerleader for this organization and basically want to just give them all my money. I’ve personally been to Kenya and SEEN the maternity homes for myself and SEEN the work they are doing and I can vouch that this organization is incredible. Fair Trade Friday is a great way to support Mercy House and a great way to get introduced to other fair trade brands!

That’s it! I hope this was helpful and I hope you have been introduced to a new brand. What about you? What fair trade companies do you love?