Bloopers 2018!

December 30, 2018·

This is my favorite blog post to do every year… my end of year bloopers. I told myself at the beginning of 2018 that I would do a better job this year of remembering to save the funny / hilarious / weird/ awkward pictures from photoshoots throughout the year. I did a *little* better than years past, but definitely forgot along the way. But, in any event, it’s just fun for me to look back and remind myself to not take myself too seriously. Even after 11+ years of blogging, getting in front of the camera is STILL awkward for me. I much prefer to be behind the camera.

2018 was a tough year, to be honest. But it is fun to look back on the year and still smile at some funny moments…

With that in mind, here are some blooper shots from 2018!

I call this the “store mannequin”…
Blog Bloopers 2018 (10)

The water was legit ice cold…

Blog Bloopers 2018 (8)

I have no explanation for this…

Blog Bloopers 2018 (2)

It’s never a dull moment when my kids are involved…Blog Bloopers 2018 (11)

Amos was NOT having it for his Stitch Fix review…
Stitch Fix Kids - Toddler Boy's Fix Review - Amos's First Fix (8)
Hanna Andersson - Avie Skater Dress - $22 - Stitch Fix Kids Review


Blog Bloopers 2018 (1)

Tried to take a family picture and clearly couldn’t make it in time…

Blog Bloopers 2018 (4)

Not even a clue.

Blog Bloopers 2018 (5) Blog Bloopers 2018 (6)


Blog Bloopers 2018 (7) Blog Bloopers 2018 (3)

Hahaha Marisa will kill me for posting this but it’s so funny… she was my lighting test subject for this shoot….

Blog Bloopers 2018 (9)

My amazing husband helped me so much this year and he was always my lighting test subject and clearly he was enthusiastic about it…

Blog Bloopers 2018 (12)

Happy New Year, friends. Here’s to a way better 2019 and to not taking ourselves too seriously.