February 7, 2019·

Today is #EndItMovement day. A day where we put a ❌ on our hands to raise awareness for the fight to end human trafficking. As you know, I am passionate about raising awareness. I also believe we need to #DoTheWork and be a part of the solution… not just putting a red ❌on our hand, posting a selfie on social media and calling it a day. We need to volunteer with local organizations with boots on the ground. We need to donate money to organizations in the fight. We need to be intentional about our purchasing habits and support brands that do not employ slave labor in their supply chains.

But one of *the most important things* we can also do? TALK TO OUR KIDS. Yes, I talk to my kids about human trafficking. No, I do not go into gruesome detail. But I start the conversation early because I want them hearing about these things from me… not from the media or some kid at school. We are the first line of defense when it comes to this stuff and our kids. Our kids are the generation that can continue the fight to end this atrocity.

What does that look like practically? 

For my almost-three-year old? I talk to him about safe people and unsafe people. I talk to him about his body and what it looks like to make sure that no one that he is around is touching his body inappropriately. I talk to him about making sure that HE is respectful of other kids around him and their space. I make sure that he knows that when another kid says, “NO! STOP!” that he respects that. Doesn’t matter if they were playing 5 minutes ago and having fun, if the other kid no longer likes what they are doing and says stop, I make sure Amos knows to stop. I explain that he would want that same respect if he told someone else to stop.

For my five and a half year old? She knows that human trafficking is modern day slavery. I tell her that there are bad people in this world who think that they can buy and sell people like products in a store. I tell her that there are people right here in Durham and people in other countries who are forced to do awful things and that we want to be a voice for voiceless people. I teach her about her body and safe relationships with other kids and grown ups.

I explain these very dark and complex topics on THEIR LEVEL.

It does not have to be graphic and it does not have to be complicated.

But we have to have the conversation. Because really, truly ending human trafficking? It starts with all of us.

How do you tackle tough subjects like this with your kids?