The DoneGood + Still Being Molly Collection

March 12, 2019·
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I love DoneGood! I had their founder, Cullen Schwarz on my podcast awhile ago and talked about them during the holiday season. DoneGood is a Google chrome extension, app, and website, that is dedicated to make ethical shopping easier.

DoneGood was created with a simple mission: to make it quick, easy, and affordable to use our purchasing power for good.

After a recent chat I had with Cullen about ways to connect consumers more easily to ethical brands, he threw out the idea of having an “Influencer Collection” on the DoneGood site so that you could more easily shop some of my personal favorite ethical brands if you’re looking for a good place to start. We refined the idea a little bit more and, well, today it is LIVE!

I’m featuring some of my all time favorite ethical and fair trade fashion, accessory, and home decor brands like ABLE, The Root Collective, Elegantees, GlobeIn, Sudara, Deux Mains, Malia Designs, MATTER prints, Starfish Project and more…

Can you tell that I am just SO excited about this? My goal has always been to connect you, the consumer, to the brands in an easier and more efficient way. OBVIOUSLY I want you to shop my Ethical Brand Directory… but this is just yet another way for me to highlight some of my favorite ethical companies, products, and more. You can visit the DoneGood website and view my entire collection (there are exclusive coupon codes on there as well!)… and then you can also add the DoneGood extension to your Chrome browser!

I hope you like the full collection and go check it out…

The DoneGood + Still Being Molly Collection (2)

Have you heard of DoneGood? What other things would you like to see to make ethical shopping easier?

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