Everyday Earrings that Do So Much Good | Sela Designs Review

August 26, 2019·
This post is in partnership with Sela Designs, a brand I LOVE. This post may contain affiliate links.  View my full disclosure policy for more information.

I have always been a jewelry person. I love jewelry for the way it makes me feel, the way it can dress up or down just about any outfit, the way you can totally MAKE an outfit with the right jewelry… the way that jewelry can hold such a special meaning. I’ve also always been a fan of big earrings – statement earrings. I just love the way they look and feel! And honestly, over the years, I’ve kinda become known for my love of big earrings. 😉 The bigger the earrings the closer to God? No? 

Anyway, just because I love jewelry and love big earrings, doesn’t mean I’m going to compromise my values just for a cute piece of jewelry… which is why I LOVE finding and sharing ethical jewelry brands with you.

Now, Sela Designs is actually not new around here at all. In fact, Ashleigh (the founder) and I have been internet friends for quite some time and I’ve styled her jewelry on the blog for years now, and I even had her on my podcast last year!

Ashleigh has really been upping the ante lately and releasing some drop dead GORGEOUS pieces in her collection. I love how creative she is, how so many of her pieces are statement, yet they seem to go with EVERYTHING! Every time I wear her earrings or her necklaces, I get asked about them! She is so talented in her jewelry design and she somehow manages to stay on-trend while also creating timeless pieces that will be in style for years to come.

But here’s the kicker. Sela Designs doesn’t just make beautiful jewelry that will make your friends be like, “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE EARRINGS, GIRL?!”… Ashleigh donates 100% of her profits to charity.


Yes, all. ALL of her profits are donated to charity.

Ashleigh has one of the biggest, most generous hearts of anyone I know. She inspires me to be more generous with my time, talents, and treasure. She walks the walk. I will forever be a huge fan and I think everyone should be too.

Here are a few ways I’ve styled some newer Sela Designs earrings… (BONUS: use code “STILLMOLLY10” for 10% off!)

Which earrings are your favorites?

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