What is Fair Trade, Anyway? | Fair Trade Fashion Outfit Idea

October 11, 2019·
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OUTFIT DETAILS | Sweater Jacket: La Fille Colette (Use code SBM50 for $50 off your order)Tunic: prAnaLeggings: Sseko DesignsClutch: MZ Fair TradeEarrings: Nickel & SuedeBracelets: Aid Through TradeShoes: The Root Collective


I am loving Fair Trade Month! While I love talking about fair trade any day of the year, fair trade month is just a special time to get to really dive deep into WHY I am so passionate about this topic.

What is fair trade, anyway?

Simple put, fair trade is making sure the people from the farms to the factories are taken care of. It’s an approach to business and development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect.

The mission of fair trade supports farmers and craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. These amazing humans often face steep hurdles in finding markets and customers for their goods.

It would be nice to think that all businesses operate on the values of fair trade… but they don’t. And that should change.What is Fair Trade, Anyway? | Fair Trade Fashion Outfit Idea (10)

Can something be ethically made and not be fair trade?

YES! Absolutely! There’s fair trade and then there’s fairtrade. In the simplest terms: Fairtrade (one word) is a certification. Many smaller companies and brands might not necessarily have the funds to go through the certification process. Fair trade (two words) is really more of a philosophy and a mission. You can be a member of the Fair Trade Federation and not be fairtrade certified. And you can be fairtrade certified and not be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.What is Fair Trade, Anyway? | Fair Trade Fashion Outfit Idea (6)

It really all boils down to a company’s mission, ethics, philosophy, and heart.

A fair trade company is all about ensuring people are taking care of. It’s about KNOWING and understanding that how it’s made MATTERS.

I also love the uniqueness of fair trade.

What is Fair Trade, Anyway? | Fair Trade Fashion Outfit Idea (7)I love brands like MZ Fair Trade… they are members of the fair trade federation and really incorporate the style and culture of the region where they work! This gorgeous Latitudes clutch is handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico! The wool is HAND WOVEN on a loom by incredibly talented artisans. It’s so beautiful and the perfect “grab and go” clutch for running errands, date night, girls night, or just running to get your kids from school.

The navy and olive and tan colors are perfect for fall but even great for transitioning into spring! Plus, it totally coordinates with my Portmanteau Jacket from La Fille Colette – an awesome made in the USA brand! This sweater jacket is SO STINKIN ‘COMFORTABLE and can be worn a bunch of ways. I just LOVE it so much.

What is Fair Trade, Anyway? | Fair Trade Fashion Outfit Idea (12)Earlier this week I shared about finding your personal style and this outfit really incorporates my personal style PLUS my passion for all things ethically made.

So tell me – what do YOU love most about fair trade? What questions do you have about what it looks like to shop fair trade?