The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy’s Review

September 1, 2020·
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We have known for *awhile* that we needed to “upgrade” Lilly’s room to more of a big girl room. When we moved into this house when she was a baby, admittedly her room was kind of thrown together. She was in her crib for a long time (way past age 4), was in a toddler bed for a short stint, and then we gave her the hand-me-down twin day bed that used to live in our guest room. Well, I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but that day bed had been broken for a long time and poor Lilly would complain about it all the time. When COVID hit, Lilly and Amos started having sleepovers in Lilly’s room basically every night. The day bed had a trundle, so they would just sleep in there together. We knew we needed a better solution and we figured that since we needed to replace the bed anyway, that we’d go ahead and get a bunk bed. I ended up finding this awesome bunk bed on Facebook marketplace for a steal of a deal and the kids love it. Amos sleeps in there every night (even though he still has his own room… he just sleeps on the bottom bunk in Lilly’s room).The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy's Review

IN ANY EVENT, the one downside to this incredibly awesome new piece of furniture? Changing the bedding. Anyone who has ever had a bunk bed knows that changing the bedding on a bunk bed can be the biggest pain in the butt. So, I was pretty much immediately on the hunt for the best bedding for bunk beds because I was not about to do the business of going through the immensely annoying process of changing the sheets on the bunk beds all the time. I was going to be real sick of that real quick.

Well… enter Beddy’s! Now, I’d heard of Beddy’s before, but had never tried them out and honestly was a little skeptical. When I first saw Beddy’s, I wasn’t sure if the bedding would feel or look cheap, if it would feel or look more just like a glorified sleeping bag or what. So, needless to say, when I had the opportunity to try out Beddy’s bedding for Lilly’s bunk beds, I was pretty excited to see what the hype was all about.The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy's Review

What exactly makes Beddy’s bedding different?

First off… Beddy’s is a patented design and you will not find ANYTHING like it on the market! Which is definitely true because I spent a long time trying to find something similar to Beddy’s and couldn’t find it! But here’s the kicker… what REALLY makes Beddy’s so awesome is that each Beddy’s set is all one piece! YESSSS. It is ALL ONE PIECE. Praise. The. Lord. Every set comes with the fitted sheet, blanket, *and* comforter all in one and it just goes on the mattress / bed like a fitted sheet! And what’s even cooler is that Beddy’s come in sizes toddler to king! So, Beddy’s are really perfect for and will work for any bed, but they are especially great on beds that are hard to make… like bunk beds!
The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy's Review
Lilly fell in love with the different colors, prints, patterns, and designs that Beddy’s has and she immediately picked out the So Grape bedding (which is new and GORGEOUS) and the Daydream bedding. Her favorite colors are teal and purple and these sets are the perfect shades of teal and purple. She also is, of course, in love with all things hearts and rainbows and the gorgeous rainbow crush blanket, the heartthrob pillow covers just really made her room feel much more put together and “grown up” – she is so pumped.
The other thing that is amazing about Beddy’s is the underside of the comforter is the *softest* minky fabric you’ve ever felt in your life. And when you’re done sleeping and ready for the day, you just get out of bed and zip up the bedding and boom… the bed is made. So. easy.The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy's Review
But again, don’t get it twisted… Beddy’s isn’t just bedding for kids. They have gorgeous and super chic looking adult bedding, teen bedding, guest room bedding, etc. It’s so well made and is bedding that is going to last and last and last, wash after wash after wash. And remember, best part? It’s all one piece. WOOOOOP!

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What about you? Have you tried Beddy’s before?

The Best Bedding for Bunk Beds | Beddy's Review