26 Ethically Made & Sustainable Face Masks

October 1, 2020·
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This post is not to create a debate around whether or not we should wear face masks as a means of preventing COVID19. I’m not a scientist. I’m not an epidemiologist. I’m not an expert. (Now, I do have friends that are and they recommend wearing a face covering, but that’s neither here nor there). For me, where I live (and I know that this is the case around most of the country (and most of the world)), face masks and/or cloth face coverings are required in businesses, events, etc. So, as much as I know they can be annoying, uncomfortable, and even sometimes frustrating – face masks are going to be around for awhile.

I’ve honestly been really concerned about the amount of PPE pollution… I can just go out for a walk and I will see dozens of used masks and gloves just littering the side of the roads. So, pretty early on, my family and I began using reusable, sustainable cloth masks.

And, because I am the way that I am, I immediately was really concerned about how all these cloth masks were getting made so quickly and how companies were making them so quickly. I think about the people behind each mask that gets made. So, yes, I even choose to shop ethically when it comes to face masks and cloth face coverings.

I’ve had quite a few of you reach out to ask which are my favorite and so I thought it would at least be helpful to do a round up of cloth face mask options. These are in no particular order…

1. Cambio & Co.

Price range: $20-$30 for one. Many color and print options. All hand woven and/or hand embroidered.

2. Malia Designs – Use code MOLLY25 for 25% off

Price Range: $30-35 for a set of five. Many color and print options. All made ethically with deadstock / unused fabric.

3. Unlock Hope

Price Range: $10. Lots of inspiring words and images.

4. Batik Boutique – try code MOLLY20 for 20% off

Price range: $11-$14 for one or two in a pack. Lots of print options. Kids sizing available.

5. Bought Beautifully

Price range: $10-$12. Kids and adults available.

6. New Creation VA

Price: $13. Gorgeous hand embroidered masks. Kids and adult sizing.

7. Mango + Main

Price range: $8-$15. TONS of options (literally so many styles and prints). Kids and adult sizing.

8. Global Mamas

Price Range: $8.50-$9. Lots of really pretty prints! Kids and adults available.

9. Papillon Marketplace

Price: $6. Lots of styles and colors available.

10. GOEX Apparel

Price: $5. Super soft triblend.

11. Collective Humanity

Price: $16. Made by hand with Cambodian Silk

12. Beau|ties LTD.

Price: $12. Made in the USA out of recycled / upcycled bow ties and neck ties! Lots of size and print options.

13. Atonement Design (Use this link for 10% 0ff your order)

Price: $14-$19.50. Gorgeous solids and prints. High fashion!

14. Fair Anita

Price: $7-$30 for one to five masks.

15. Fosterie

Price: $11. Hand embroidered. Basic black with white embroidery.

16. Lumily.

Price range: $11-$18. Kids and adults available. TONS of print options.

17. Meghan Juliet Designs.

Price: $12. Tons of print options. Handmade here in Durham, NC by my BFF. Best kids masks in my opinion!

18. ANCHAL Project

Price: $18. Gorgeous prints!

19. Dunitz & Co.

Price: $19.50. Embroidered brown mask.

20. Rover & Kin

Price range: $13-$15. Beautiful prints and solids.

21. Nativa

Price range: $6-$14. Printed or hand embroidered options.

22. Global Gifts.

Price range: $6-$10. Lots of print options and different facemask styles.

23. Argrow’s House

Price: $15. Beautiful Tanzanian Prints!

24. Abrazo Style

Price: $18

25. The Lemonade Boutique – Use code PURPOSE15 for 15% off your order

Price: $10. Cute prints!

26. Amma’s Umma – Use code SHOPWITHMOLLY for 20% off

Price $5 – $20. Masks AND face shields available!

Let me know what you think! If you have other brands you love, leave them in the comments below!