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How to wear a belted scarf (1)

Dress: Old Navy (old – similar here) | Scarf: Ooh Baby Designs c/o | Tights: Hanes Hosiery c/o | Booties: DSW | Bag: Target (on sale!) | Watch: Vierra Watches c/o (Use code “BEINGMOLLY” for 10% off!) | Bracelet: Stitch Fix | Earrings: Nickel and Suede c/o | Necklace: 9th and Elm c/o

Images by Em Grey Photography

I love a good scarf. This is a fact. My scarf collection is vast and, in my humble opinion, you can never have too many scarves!

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How to wear white jeans after Labor Day | White denim, denim jacket, grey scarf, brown booties | Fall style (1)

Grey Striped Shirt: Old Navy | Quatrefoil Scarf: Ooh Baby Designs c/o | White Jeans: Old Navy (similar) | Jean Jacket: Belk c/o (similar) | Earrings: Nickel and Suede | Bag: Stitch Fix | Booties: DSW | Watch: Vierra Watches c/o (use promo code “BEINGMOLLY” for 10% off any order!)

Images by Em Grey Photography

That’s TWO DAYS this week that I’ve worn white jeans. I’m breaking all kinds of old fashioned style rules all up in this place. I’m a rebel without a cause. Or with a cause. Or something. You know what I mean. Right? Right.

I get a case of the sads when I hear someone say to me, “I just don’t have time to think about getting dressed… I just need to get out the door. I just need to go run my errands. I don’t care what I’m wearing…” 

Sure, I will be honest… there are days when I’m the exact same way and I’m totally embarrassed by the messy hair, no-makeup, and yoga pants errand running I have to do. But the truth is, those days are few and far between, because once you get a few pieces here and there in your closet that can pull together an outfit, you can really throw ANYTHING on in a short amount of time without having to really think about it.

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#ForeverYoung (4)

*Thank you to the amazing folks at P&G for sponsoring this really fun post!

I remember when I was a kid and I would hear that someone was 29 or 30 years old, I just thought that was ANCIENT. I thought, “I’ll never be that old!” Haha! Oh young Molly, how naive you were.

I certainly don’t think I’m old at all, my perspective on age has clearly changed over the years… but I will say that as I get older and as each birthday passes by, I notice that I am becoming… well, older. I don’t get a lot of “jokes” that “the kids” are saying these days, I’m totally out of the loop on a lot of pop culture, and my back feels like I’m about 95 years old… but all in all, I’d say I’m totally still hip and with it. Right? Right.

But, as my dad always says, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional” – and I never knew words that were more true these days.

So, I thought I’d just share a few ways (four, to be exact) that I’m trying to stay forever young…

#ForeverYoung (1)1. Cut back on my soda intake. Y’all know my love for Diet Coke. I’ve gone back and forth over the years cutting it out altogether, cutting back, and not paying attention to my intake at all. But, the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to drink more water and less soda. Not like I didn’t know how important it was to drink water before… I just realized how much better I feel when I drink more water.

Last spring I made a vow to never buy soda for the house ever again… so a fountain beverage has become a treat when I go out.  Not having it around the house has really lessened the temptation… and instead I drink sparkling water or filtered water with some lemon in it! The more water I drink, the better I feel and the healthier my skin looks. Plus, a bonus as a breastfeeding mom, your milk supply goes way up when you drink more water!

2. Daily walks with my daughter and dogs. I’m working to get back into some semblance of a regular exercise routine, but I will admit that it is hard. Lilly gets sick and I can’t take her to the gym nursery… I get sick and can’t go to the gym… schedules get wonky and I can’t make it to the gym. BUT, there’s almost never an excuse to get out of going for a walk.

Even though we have a fenced in backyard, our dogs need to be walked every day and if they don’t get walked, they get so antsy. So, I’ve started going on a long mid-day walk with them before Lilly’s afternoon nap.

I’m realizing that the more I take these long walks, the better Lilly naps, the better I feel, the dogs are less antsy, I get more steps on my step tracker, and I even feel like I’m sleeping better at night. My body doesn’t feel like it’s breaking down so soon. Haha!

#ForeverYoung (2)3. Laugh. I happen to be known for a rather, uhhh, loud laugh. I can’t say I’m exactly proud of it… but it is what it is. It’s genetic. Everyone in my family laughs so incredibly loud. There were times in my life when I was actually embarrassed by my laugh, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to embrace my laugh.

I love to laugh! I mean, I used to be a comedian, so of course I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. Plus, people who laugh more live longer! Laugher has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, defend against infection, increase memory, learning, and increase blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. If laughing doesn’t keep you young, what will?

#ForeverYoung (5)4. Take care of my skin. This seems like it should be a no brainer, but I’m serious… Y’all know that over the past six months or so, I’ve been on a major quest to improve my skincare routine. It started back in the spring when I just noticed that my skin was looking so… OLD. Wrinkly, showing signs of age spots, dry, and lifeless. Not a good look, people.

So, I’ve been trying so many different things in the hopes of coming across that one product or even set of products that make a difference. Earlier in the summer a friend recommended I try out the new Olay Regenerist line. I first got the Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream and I loved it! I used the whole thing up and was really impressed with it and wanted to try the other products in the Olay Regenerist line.

The wonderful people at Olay sent me the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to try out and I was REALLY excited to try this one because I’ve heard great things about it as well…

I’ve only been using it for about a week since I got it, but so far I am really impressed! It has a really nice light scent, nothing overpowering… it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy (which I can’t stand in a moisturizer), and it leaves my skin feeling REALLY smooth. Sort of that just-exfoliated-my-face kinda smooth… without actually having exfoliated my face… if that makes sense.

I’ve been using it morning and night after I wash my face, and so far I really feel like I’m noticing a big difference in the plumpness of my skin and it’s even seemed brighter. And, this is all while I was sick – and my skin always looks terrible when I’m sick… but it really looked good!

#ForeverYoung (6)

So, all in all, I’d say the little things are adding up and while I may not be able to slow the actual aging process down, I can at least pretend like it. Or something. You know what I mean, right?

Holiday Party Makeup Look (13)

What about you? How are YOU staying Forever Young?


Olay is a worldwide leader in skin care and has been trusted by women for over 60 years, maintaining its founding philosophy: to maintain a deep understanding of women’s changing needs and to combine products that fit their needs with the latest advances in skin care technology. Regenerist was created along those lines to address women’s anti-aging needs, and millions of women have tried it and loved it, making Regenerist the #1 anti-aging moisturizer.*

*Based on Nielsen data week ending 2/1/14.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by P&G via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of P&G.

Casual Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration (1)

Colby Pintuck Top: Lilly Pulitzer | White Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy | Blazer: Ann Taylor (similar) | Boots: DSW | Bag: Stitch Fix | Earrings: Nickel and Suede c/o

I’m so excited for today’s post, you guys! I’m collaborating with the UBER fabulous Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode to bring y’all some holiday style and beauty inspiration. We’re each sharing an outfit you could wear to a holiday party or maybe a date night and then Natalia has put together a GORGEOUS hair tutorial for y’all here on my blog… and then I put together a simple, but romantic holiday makeup tutorial and I’m sharing it over on her blog.

Fun, right?! Right!

Now, for my holiday outfit, I wanted to do something you could wear to a casual holiday party. Maybe just a dinner with friends, a casual night out… something simple and comfortable! I don’t honestly have a ton of fancy dresses… okay, I don’t really have any… so the casual route is more my thing.

Also, because I’m a rule breaker (scandalous!) I’m totally wearing white after Labor Day. SUE ME. :)

Casual Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration (2)

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Essential Oils 101: The Everyday Oils

I’m back for my third (and final) post in my Essential Oils 101 series! I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from y’all saying that you’ve thought this series was really helpful and I really want to say that I totally appreciate your emails, Facebook interaction, messages and questions! I LOVE talking about this stuff, so keep them coming!

If you missed the first two posts in the series, you can check them out here:

And this is my post on my overall experience with essential oils (for more background, and whatnot).

Also, if you weren’t able to tune in to my live online Essential Oils 101 class last week, you can watch the recording of it here!

Anyway, today I’m talking all about the everyday oils – these are the most commonly used essential oils and they are also the ones that come in the Premium Starter Kit that I’ve talked about… Now, I know a few weeks ago I talked about some of these

I’m gonna give a little rundown of each oil, what it is, how it’s used, and all that good stuff.

Now, as always, I will put this disclaimer out there: I am NOT a medical professional, so I can’t diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease or ailment you might have. This is purely for informational purposes only! I totally encourage you to be your own health advocate!


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#TOMSforTarget - TOMS + Target (1)

If you have read this blog for any period of time or if you know me in real life or if you’ve basically ever seen me anywhere, you know how much of a MASSIVE fan I am of TOMS. Like, I wear TOMS all. the. time. They’re my favorite shoes. It’s an obsession, really. Sometimes I think I may have an actual problem that’s not really a problem when it comes to my love for TOMS.

And then, like any other American woman, I also love Target. So, when I heard that TOMS and Target were getting together for a collaboration I about lost my dang mind. I had probably 20 different people Tweet, e-mail, Facebook message, Instagram tag, etc. me to notify me… when that many people are like, “Molly! I immediately thought of you when I saw this!” You know that people may have a little idea that you love TOMS. Haha!

Anyway, the collaboration launched yesterday (Sunday) and, of course, I’m sick right now so I couldn’t go to the store. BUT, the plus is, everything is available online, there are no lines (I heard there were crazy lines at the Target near me), and Target is doing *FREE SHIPPING* through the holidays… soooooo, I shopped the collaboration online. Plus, I used my EBates account and got another 5% cash back… haha! This is what you call doing it up right, people.

I’m rambling.

Since I love TOMS and Target and this collaboration so much, I thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorite items from the collection. (It was hard to narrow it down!)

Women’s Clothing

#TOMSforTarget - TOMS + Target (2)

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You may have seen a brief clip of the cuteness if you follow me on Instagram… but… LILLY HAS STARTED WALKING. She’s not walking everywhere yet, but she finally is getting more and more confident. She took a couple steps on Halloween, but then just showed no interest whatsoever in walking after that.

But then, all of a sudden, the other morning she just decided she wanted to try again… and she kept getting better and better! As of today, she’s still crawling 90% of the time, but she is getting up more and attempting to walk. I’ve never been more proud! It’s such a crazy moment watching your little girl figure out how to take her first steps.

She’s so proud of herself!

Anyway, because yes, I am THAT mom (and totally 100% okay with it), I captured many of the moments on camera and put together this little two minute video montage of her first steps. It’s one of those things that makes me so grateful for the technology we have today that allows us to capture these memories. I can’t wait to show this to her when she gets older… Continue Reading →

Molly's Money: Making Health Care Reform Simple with TurboTax

If this is your first time here, Molly’s Money is a regular series I write on this blog that includes ALL things personal finance – debt management, budgeting, home buying, savings, investment, etc. I am NOT a financial advisor, but I am married to one! These are just things that I have learned over the years as I struggled with my own personal finances and ultimately, became debt free in 2012. Got a question about money that you want answered? Leave it in the comments below or email me! Continue Reading →

CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (8)

Ever since we moved into our new house, I’ve been having so much fun decorating rooms little by little. We are doing things on a budget, big time… and so I’ve been trying to find ways to decorate… well, on a budget. (Redundant, I’m aware…)

One of the most surprisingly expensive things I come across are things like WALL ART. Wall art can get expensive, yo. It’s crazy! And the other day, I was checking out the new Altar’d State store that just opened near us (in. love. by the way…), and I saw this wooden scripture art and fell in love… but then I was like $75?! Heck no, techno. Ain’t nobody got money for that! Okay, I’m sure some people do… but I certainly do not want to spend $75 on something like that…

So, anyway. I decided to venture to the store and get the accoutrements to try and make it myself! And, huzzah, I actually kinda like the way it turned out for my first try! It’s SUPER easy and really inexpensive!

Here’s how I did it: 

DIY Wooden Scripture Art

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Essential Oils 101: How to Use Essential Oils

Back for week TWO of my “Essential Oils 101″ series! If you missed last week “What are essential oils and how are they made?” you can check out that post here!

Also, TONIGHT (Tuesday, November 11th), at 9pm EST, I’m hosting an ONLINE essential oils 101 class on Google hangouts! You can RSVP to the Facebook event here and you can view the class here!

Today’s post is all about how to USE essential oils! This is such a common question and one that I had when I first got my starter kit because you get these oils and then you’re suddenly like… uhhhh, what do I do with them?!

Young Living Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils

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Holiday Tablescape Inspiration with Ooh Baby Designs (2)

I LOVE playing hostess. I grew up in a home where we were ALWAYS the ones being “hosts” – whether it was for holiday dinners, sleepovers, parties, you name it. My mom and dad were very much people who believed that you should keep an “open door policy” and invite people into your home and make them feel welcome. I loved it. I always looked forward to big dinners with 10, 15, 20, even 30 people! We always had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner be the kind of dinner where if you didn’t have a family to eat with or you didn’t have anywhere to go, you were welcome at our house!

I’m so happy to say that John and I are trying to keep that tradition alive. We love having people over, we love welcoming people into our home, giving them a place to stay and a warm meal. It was really tough to do in our tiny house our first two years of marriage, but now that we have a house with space (and a guest room!!!), we are playing host and hostess more and more and I LOVE it.

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house again this year and I can’t WAIT. The holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas) is probably my favorite time of year… not only for the delicious food, but I LOVE to decorate. It’s so much fun! I’m, by no means, a pro decorator… there are people who are way better at decorating and have way more of a vision than I do… that’s for sure. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to at least give it a try.

Anyway, my good friend Stephanie (owner of the shop Ooh Baby Designs), wanted me to take some photos of her new line of holiday table runners for her. Y’all know I love photography and I thought this was just the PERFECT opportunity to play around with some holiday tablescape ideas. As I’m planning the menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I also wanted to plan out some ideas for tablescapes. :)

So, I thought I’d share some of the shots I took for Stephanie and give YOU guys some inspiration for your own holiday tablescapes. MOST of the items I used to decorate (minus the plates, glassware, and runners) are ALL from Dollar Tree! Not only are these tablescapes pretty (if I do say so myself) but they are also affordable!

BTW: Stephanie has a coupon code for my readers for 10% off ANY table runner in her shop! Just use code “MOLLY1.” 

Fall & Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

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