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Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Review (3)

Thank you to Beautiful Nutrition for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. 

I have told you guys time and time again how my hair has always been my “weak” area. For most of my life, my hair has always been really thick and tough to manage, but I’ve managed to “make do” with what I have and have been able to get by. I would go through seasons where my hair would look AWESOME and I’d be loving it… but then, six months later it would be a hot mess. It’s never been consistent!

Now I will admit, having kids has especially not been great for my hair. Some women have kids and their hormones make their hair thick and long and beautiful… For me? Not the case. After BOTH pregnancies, I have suffered from terrible postpartum hair loss. My hair was just falling out in clumps… it was embarrassing!

On top of my postpartum hair loss, my scalp has been so dry and irritated all the time, but then, the roots of my hair would be oily, but the ends would be brittle. Honestly, it was so bizarre. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me! I realize that this is totally normal and sometimes just a part of life, but it was still frustrating!

ANYWAY, after Amos was born, I was trying to be proactive in treating my postpartum hair loss, dry hair, and dry scalp and looking into natural ways to combat these issues through things like my diet, taking supplements, etc. I prefer to use products with natural ingredients because I find that products that have a ton of synthetic ingredients or chemicals in them just aggravate my skin.

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Review (4) Well, a month or so ago, the awesome people at Beautiful Nutrition sent me their Lemon Rinse gentle clarifying treatment to try out and review and I’d heard great things about it so I was really excited to give it a shot!

So, Lemon Rinse is a rinse away product that you use about 1-2x a week in the shower AFTER your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. It helps to seal the cuticles of your hair which adds shine, it rinses away product buildup and other nasty gunk to maintain a healthy scalp, it seals in the moisture of your hair which prevents frizz, and helps to just restore your hair to its natural state. (It’s safe for all hair types and safe for color treated hair, too!)

Before I even tried it for the first time, I was excited about it because I’d read some great reviews, but I also loved that all the Beautiful Nutrition products are made without parabens, no BPA, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances, no sulfates, no DEA/MEA/TEA, no synthetic colors, AND they’re cruelty free. Win. Win. Win. Win. WIN!

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4 of My Favorite Back to School DIY Essential Oil Blends & Recipes

School is pretty much officially back in session for most everyone (minus a few who go back after Labor Day)… and I thought it might be helpful to compile some of my favorite DIY essential oil blends and recipes (four, to be exact), that are PERFECT for back to school.

I hope these recipes are helpful and I hope you give them a try!

4 of My Favorite Back to School DIY Essential Oil Blends & Recipes

DIY Breathin’ Easy Essential Oil Blend

I just shared this blend recipe with y’all earlier this month and it is a favorite! I love it and love that I can use it on everyone in the house. As we head into fall, respiratory support is so important! 🙂

Back to School Recipe | DIY "Breathin' Easy" Essential Oil Blend for Kiddos (3)

DIY Immune Supporting Essential Oil Blend

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Journey Lockets

Top: Elegantees “Chelsea” Top via The Flourish Market (Use code “stillbeingmolly” for free shipping)Skirt: Stitch Fix Shoes: C. Wonder (old) | Diaper Bag: Kalencom c/oEarrings: Nickel and Suede c/oRings: Heidi J. Hale Designs c/oNecklace: Journey Lockets c/o (Use code “MOLLY20” for 20% off through September 20th!)

Photography by Em Grey

know I’ve talked about this before, but I love personalized jewelry. There’s just something so special about wearing a piece of jewelry that is timeless, beautiful, unique, and tells a story. I have a couple pieces of my mom’s jewelry that I still hold onto and they mean so much to me… one of them is actually a locket that was my mom’s and, even though it is broken, I carry it with me in my wallet everywhere.

THIS is why I’m SO excited to tell y’all about Journey Lockets! It’s kinda funny how I actually came to learn about Journey Lockets… Back when I first moved to North Carolina, I worked for a radio station here in the Chapel Hill area and one of my many jobs was photographing the football games at UNC Chapel Hill. One of the other photographers I worked with at the games was a guy by the name of Josh, and his wife, Jocelyn, is the founder of Journey Lockets!

Jocelyn started Journey Lockets in 2008 and in 2014, her husband Josh came on full-time with her to help grow the business! They have two beautiful girls and they work so hard! I love their sweet family and love what they do.
Journey Lockets, Meaningful Personalized Jewelry Review (9)

Anyway, Jocelyn designed me a Journey Locket keepsake necklace and to say I love it is a bit of an understatement. I wear it nearly every day and EVERY time I wear it I get so many compliments! It has two sides and even has interchangeable inserts so I can switch up the images whenever I want!

Journey Lockets, Meaningful Personalized Jewelry Review (16)

I also love that Journey Lockets has a few different options – you can shop pre-made jewelry collections OR you can even design your own Journey Locket! You can also shop by style… they have lockets, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and more! Every single piece of jewelry seriously are SO beautiful and the attention to detail that Jocelyn puts into it is amazing.

Their jewelry would make a GREAT gift for someone special – or heck, a great gift for yourself!

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The Village Country Store | #FashionForGood Friday

While I obviously love ethical brands that make a particular product (like shoes, jewelry, bags, clothing, etc.), I have a special place in my heart for stores, shops, and boutiques (both online and brick & mortar), that are your “one-stop-shops” for all things ethically made.

The Village Country Store is one of those shops and I just ADORE

I actually found the Village Country Store through my Purchase with Purpose Facebook group that I run… the woman who runs it, Michele, is a member and I loved connecting with her! She is such a sweetheart and has such a HUGE passion for ethical fashion, fair trade items, and purchasing with a purpose.

The more I learned about her online shop, the more I loved it!
lilly-amos-3-years-6-months-15 Continue Reading →


Our sweet boy, Amos James, turned SIX MONTHS OLD last week. It has been a crazy 7 days… My father-in-law’s birthday, Lilly turning 3, Amos turning 6 months, me turning 31. We have a lot going on in that time!

We just love his little personality and I can’t imagine life without him!

Here’s Amos’s 6 month update…

amos-6-six-months-photo-18 amos-6-six-months-photo-13Weight: 17.53 pounds

Height: 26.1″

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The "Surprise Me" Fix Where I Nearly Kept it All | Stitch Fix Review

I am calling this month’s Stitch Fix review the “Surprise Me!” fix because, admittedly, I actually forgot to leave a note for my stylist, Kimberly J., this month. But apparently I need to forget to leave a note more often because HOLY SCHMOLY, Kimberly J. knocked this fix out of the PARK!

I mean, for real… after over two years of being my stylist, she just KNOWS my style and really nails it. She knows my love for feminine cuts, comfortable and versatile pieces, and ANYTHING ethically made or Made in the USA! Well, this fix pretty much fit those things to a T. I nearly kept everything in the box!

Check out my Stitch Fix review below to see what I got, what I thought and what I kept!

The “Surprise Me” Fix Where I Nearly Kept it All | Stitch Fix Review

Loveappella “Zola Knit Dress” – Size XL – $58
*Made in the USA!

Stitch Fix Loveappella "Zola Knit Dress" - Size XL - $58 (Made in the USA!)

Oh my glory hallelujah this dress is AMAZING. It is PHENOMENAL. The material is incredibly soft and also very stretchy and very forgiving. The deep blue / almost navy stripe is the perfect year-round neutral and this dress could easily transition from summer to fall to winter to spring. Just dress it up or dress it down with boots, heels, or sandals. Throw a blazer or jacket over it in colder months… Accessorize it!

I also LOVE the Loveappella brand and love that they make their pieces right here in the USA!

Needless to say, this dress was a HIT and a definite keeper.

Skies are Blue “Keating Cargo Vest” – Size XL – $78
STATUS: Returned

Stitch Fix Loveappella "Zola Knit Dress" - Size XL - $58 and Skies are Blue "Keating Cargo Vest" - Size XL - $78 Continue Reading →