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Fitness Friday | At-Home Tricep & Shoulder Workout

The upper back and triceps are often overlooked muscles in women when it comes to everyday life, and even working out sometimes. I will admit, this is the muscle group that is, BY FAR, my weakest. I have ALWAYS struggled with these muscles! I don’t know what the deal is. Haha!

My AWESOME trainer, Rachel Sevier from Shape Fitness, created this workout specific to those muscles to give you some strength, tone, and definition in those arms and back! This workout is ideal with lightweight dumbbells but can still be done with just bodyweight by going through the movements and creating your own tension. Let’s get started!

Arnold Press

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Planning Your Content & Editorial Calendar | “So You Wanna Start a Blog?” Series

In case you missed the previous posts in this “Blog” series, you can check them out here:

Today’s post is all about the MEAT of your blog: the content! Because, you know, without your content, there’s not really much of a blog.

For some people, this is either the easiest thing or the most difficult thing. For me, it’s probably the easiest… Just being honest. There are things about blogging that are definitely challenging for me… coming up with ideas for content is not one of them. In fact, I sort of have the opposite problem. Haha! I have TOO many things I want to write about. So, inevitably, I forget about an idea or I let too much time go by and end up not writing about something I wanted to write about or I get overwhelmed.

I realize this part you don’t really care about. Haha! Just sharing my personal experiences. :) 

The first rule of thumb when it comes to creating content for your blog:

Find a system that works for YOU. Not for the other bloggers out there… I’m talking about for YOU. Feel free to try out different systems. Give yourself some grace and if you decide you don’t like the way something is going, you can always change it.

So, before you even hit “publish” on that first blog post, there are a few things I recommend doing:

Decide the focus for your blog.

I touched on this in the first post I wrote in this series, but I want to hit this point again. You need to take some time to figure out what your blog is going to be about.

Is it a beauty blog? Fashion blog? Lifestyle blog? Business blog? Personal finance? Design / decor? DIY / crafting? What is your NICHE?

Now, look… there are no hard and fast rules with this… as I believe blogging should be an extension of ourselves and an outlet for creativity. So, if you don’t feel like you fall into one particular category, then fine.

For me, I actually spent the majority of the first five to six years of my blogging life trying to force myself into a niche. First, I was a comedy blog. Then I was a marketing blog. Then I was a blog about blogging. Then I was a social media blog. And none of it felt like ME. It felt forced. All of it felt forced. Until, one day, I had this epiphany and I decided to stop forcing it and start writing about what made me happy. I wanted to write about what gave me joy. 


And all of a sudden my readership doubled. Then tripled. And then all of a sudden I started getting opportunities to monetize. I felt like I was really doing something I LOVED.

I realized that in my own life, I’m not someone who fits into one particular category. So, for me, why should my blog fit into one particular category? I wanted my blog to represent and feel like ME.

So, from that day forward, THAT was the focus of my blog. My own personal brand and everything that falls under that umbrella.

Does that make sense?

Some of you may do better fitting into a niche like beauty or fashion or travel or food. And that is AWESOME. I’m actually a bit envious of people that can do that… that just wasn’t ME. And that’s okay!

So, figure out what lights your FIRE. Then write about that.

And here’s the test as to whether or not your blog focus lights your fire. Can you come up with 100… yes, ONE HUNDRED, blog post ideas?

Do you have to sit down and spout off 100 blog post ideas in one sitting? Certainly not. But, if you’re having trouble coming up with 10, 20, 50, etc. blog post ideas. that may tell you something.

Blogging is a commitment and it takes WORK. On this blog alone, I’ve published over 1,500 blog posts (and that’s not even including all the old, SUPER EMBARRASSING ones I’ve taken down… haha!!) And at any given time, I have another 100 ideas for posts waiting in the wings.

Because this blog is an extension of me and something I genuinely enjoy sitting down to work on, it’s easy for me to come up with content.

Now, look, I am fully aware that you can still have a GREAT blog even if you don’t have 100 fresh ideas off the top of your head. Especially if you’re focusing maybe on photography or personal style – things that don’t necessarily lend themselves to a bullet point on a list.

I’m simply trying to get you to strategically and creatively THINK in advance and have content ideas brainstormed so you have time to flesh them out down the road.

Next, record those ideas.

For me, I have a “notes” section of my phone where I write down all the blog post ideas that I have. I can always pull my phone out and write down an idea right away as it pops in my head. It doesn’t even have to be a full on idea… maybe just the seedling of an idea. Again, I can expound on the idea at a later date and time… the important part is to get the idea down on paper (or on phone) and not let the idea slip away from you.

Maybe your phone notes section isn’t the best place for you… maybe you do better writing it down in a notebook of some sort. Maybe a vision board is actually more your style.

Whatever it is, find a system that works for you for keeping a record of all of your content ideas.

Remember, content ideas can fall into different categories, too…

Maybe it’s a styled shoot. Maybe it’s a styled post. Maybe it’s an outfit. Maybe it’s a specific blog post topic. Maybe it’s a blog post series. Maybe it’s a collaboration idea or partnership. Maybe you want to explore podcasting or Periscoping or doing YouTube videos.

Content can fall into lots of different categories… so let your ideas fall into those categories, too.

Need some inspiration for generating ideas? This is a REALLY old post of mine… like, six years old, that has some ideas on generating ideas. Some of the methods may be outdated… but hey, do what you can: Idea Generation When You’re Idea-less.

Get to planning.

I, personally, use a hard copy planner to plan out my editorial calendar. Some people like using Google calendars or a wall calendar. There are even apps that can help you plan it out…

For me, I’m old school and I’m visual and like to write it down. So, that’s what works best for me.

I will sit down and look at the month ahead (I honestly try to plan my editorial calendar out about 30-60 days in advance). Then, I visit my “blog post ideas” notes and start planning and spacing out my posts.

I look at anything that might be time sensitive FIRST… do I have any time-sensitive collaborations with companies or brands that need to be scheduled or have assigned dates. I make sure to get those covered.

Next, I look at any ideas, etc. that might be seasonally time sensitive… maybe it’s a “gift ideas” post or series for the holidays… maybe it’s some recipes for Thanksgiving… maybe it’s a Valentine’s Day inspired outfit. Whatever it is, I schedule those NEXT.

Then I look at ongoing series and fit those in… This blogging series, for example, got scheduled and I planned out the posts for it so I would know each week what to focus on. My money series, etc. Essential oil recipes and postsfitness friday… those things all get scheduled in advance.

Last, I fill in the gaps. I look at open dates on my editorial calendar and fill them in with other blog post ideas that don’t necessarily fall into one of the above categories.

I also leave room for grace. Sometimes, something happens and I can’t get a previously scheduled post done in time. Or maybe we get rained out of a photo shoot. Or maybe I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t get photos done for something… or maybe… LIFE. Sometimes life happens. And that’s okay! Just make it the exception and not the rule. It’s important to leave room for grace. 

And remember… be consistent. If blogging five days a week is too much for you, start by planning out 2-3 days a week. Just BE CONSISTENT and find a schedule that works!!

Then, get to writing.

You’ve decided on your focus. You’ve generated your ideas. Now start writing.

I, personally, recommend having AT LEAST ten of your posts done and written before you officially “launch” your blog. They don’t all have to be published, but have them ready to go.

You’ll quickly learn things as you start writing that you don’t necessarily want to learn after you’ve launched.

So, there you have it. The basics of planning your content and editorial calendar.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Anything that YOU like to do? Anything you’d add?

DIY Linen Spray (3)

This is one of the EASIEST DIYs you will ever do… seriously! It’s SO easy, it’s insane how easy it is. I bet, if you timed it, it takes less than 30 seconds to actually make. MAYBE 60 seconds, tops. This is also a recipe that is easily customizable and makes a GREAT homemade gift for someone!

On that note, we are getting eerily closer to the holiday season and, for those of you that are like me and like to plan, I’ll be sharing some easy DIY recipes over the next few months that make GREAT gifts!

For this particular recipe, I kept it really simple and just chose to make a lavender linen spray, because it smells awesome and is especially great for your sheets. I mean, who doesn’t want to lay their head on a pillow that smells like lavender?!

I hope you’ll give this one a try!

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Stitch Fix Maternity Review

Technically this review I’m sharing with you guys today was my September Stitch Fix review… I just happen to be sharing it in October. I didn’t get a chance to share it before now… so… sue me? Haha, in fact, my October Stitch Fix is scheduled to arrive at my doorstep today. Woops. :)

It has been POURING RAIN here for what feels like a month… and as much as I wanted to take pictures of all my pieces outside, it just wasn’t going to happen in the time frame that I needed to take the pictures in. So, I took the pictures inside… old school style in front of the mirror. Sorry not sorry?

But, as usual, I will share with you guys what I got in my Stitch Fix box, what I think, quality, size, price, and I will denote if it’s made in the USA or fair trade (I have noted on my Stitch Fix style profile account to send as many Made in the USA / fair trade products as possible. :))

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Prenatal Lower Body Workout | Fitness Friday

Rachel Sevier from Shape Fitness has brought us another great prenatal workout! Pregnant or not though, this workout will help lift and tighten your booty and strengthen the core at the same time. The only pieces of equipment used are a pair of dumbbells and a stability ball but the workout can also be done without any equipment at all. Let’s get started!

Back Lunge with Knee Raise

Prenatal Lower Body Workout (1)Prenatal Lower Body Workout (2)

Start by standing tall with hands by your sides. (Add dumbbells to increase the intensity of this exercise if you would like!) Take a giant step back with one leg and lower both knees to 90 degrees, keeping your weight in your front heel. Press through your front heel to return to the start position, but continue raising the knee of the back leg as high in front of you as you can. If possible, return back into the lunge position without even tapping that foot to the floor for an extra balance challenge.  Repeat 10-15 reps on each leg.

Side Step Squat

Prenatal Lower Body Workout (3)

Stand with your feet just wider than hip width apart. Shift all your weight into your heels and lower your butt down into a squat, keeping your head and chest up and facing forward, and your knees behind your toes. Press through your heels to stand back up and at the same time, step your right foot in and plant it beside your left so your feet are now close together. Now step out with the left foot and lower down into the squat. Stand, step the left foot in, right foot out, and squat again. Keep repeating this sequence for 16-20 total squats.

Ball Hip Thrusts

Prenatal Lower Body Workout (4)

Start in a position with your back on the side of the stability ball and butt close to the floor. Your feet should be positioned so that when you press your hips up, your knees are directly over your heels. Now press through your heels and lift your hips as high as you can and squeeze your glutes. Your back will now be flat on top of the ball and your chest is facing the ceiling. Hold this position for a moment, feeling your lower back, glutes and hamstrings all engage. This is also a great stretch for the hip flexors. Slowly lower hips back to the start position and repeat for 15-20 reps. (If you don’t have a ball, place your hands on the floor and push through your heels to lift the hips and get the same effect. The ball is used mostly for comfort as your belly gets bigger during your pregnancy.)

Standing Side Leg Raise

Prenatal Lower Body Workout (5)

Begin by standing tall and engage your core. Lift one leg off the floor so you are balancing on the other leg. (The knee of the standing leg should be slightly bent and not locked out.) Keeping your core engaged, lift and lower the free leg out to your side. Be sure to keep your knee and toes facing forward and not up toward the ceiling. You will feel this working your obliques and glutes. Try to maintain your balance and keep that foot from touching the floor the entire time for a total of 15-20 lifts. Repeat with the other leg.

Sumo Squat to Calf Raise

Prenatal Lower Body Workout (6)

Start with as wide of a stance as is comfortable for you and point your toes outward. Lower your body straight down into a squat until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Be sure to keep your knees directly over your ankles. While in the squat, lift your heels up, contracting the calves and press through your toes to return to stand. Drop the heels and repeat for up to 15-20 reps at a comfortable pace.

What do you think? Will you give this workout a try? Any workouts you’ve been loving lately?


Support Transforming Hope Ministries with your Head Start to the Holidays *ONLINE* 8 Week Body Transformation

with Rachel Sevier, NASM-CPT and founder of Shape Fitness

Rachel Sevier

It’s almost that time again… time for the all the holiday parties, gatherings with family and friends, and the sparkly events you can’t wait to get all dolled up for! But then there’s the one thing you know you need to get on the ball with… your workout routine and pre-holiday “diet” so you look your best for your husband’s work party and just in time to see family that you haven’t seen since last year. Ughh, but it’s so overwhelming to think about.

Well guess what?!

Rachel Sevier of Shape Fitness has taken out all the guess work of what to do and designed an amazing, online 8 Week Body Transformation challenge starting Thursday, October 1 to get you ready for the holidays! It doesn’t matter where you live, but spots are limited, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Here’s what you get:

  • 45 minute initial FaceTime consultation with Rachel about how to have a successful transformation
  • 15 minute weekly FaceTime chats with Rachel to make sure you are on track with your goals
  • Complete nutrition guide including good foods and bad foods lists
  • Weekly workout schedules of Rachel’s YouTube videos
  • Daily email from Rachel with recipes, fitness tips, and more to help keep you motivated
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can stay accountable and follow the journeys of all the ladies in the transformation challenge
  • 24 hour support from Rachel through Facebook and email
  • A special gift just for you at the end of completing your 8 week transformation!

You get all of this for just $149!

And the best part? Rachel will be donating 10% of sales to Transforming Hope Ministries, an organization putting an end to human trafficking, that Molly is incredibly passionate about.

Sign up by purchasing your 8 Week Transformation here and Rachel will contact you with all the info and to get your initial consultation scheduled.

The Importance of the First Impression | "So You Wanna Start a Blog?" Series

The feedback I’m getting on this series so far is AWESOME. The more you guys get excited about it, the more I get excited about it! And we have A LOT to cover! :) I mean, I told you that I was going to cover allllllll the things.

In case you missed the previous posts in this “Blog” series, you can check them out here:

SO, today we’re talking about the first impression. Now, you might be wondering… “What do you mean ‘first impression’ when it comes to blogging?

Well, there can be many components to this, but I’m going to focus on three. I also am going to FULLY admit that an entire series could really be dedicated to EACH ONE of these components… so, clearly I am not going to be able to go into a TON of depth about each one, but hopefully this will serve as a good starting point for you!

Let’s first consider what a first impression is…

Whether or not we want to admit it, we all make snap judgements about people, places, things, etc. When we see someone, we immediately make a snap judgement about that person based upon their personal appearance, physical presence, what they’re wearing, etc.

When we are introduced to a new store or place of business, we make assumptions about that business based upon how clean (or dirty) it is, maybe atmosphere, branding, colors, smell, etc.

We judge books by their covers (even though the old adage is to NOT focus on that…).

First impressions may not be EVERYTHING, but they sure are pretty important. ESPECIALLY in the blog world.

Let’s be honest… the blog world is SATURATED. There are MILLIONS of blogs out there and your blog, my blog, is just one in a million. So, how do you make your blog stand out? When someone new comes to your blog, you honestly about about 10 seconds… MAX… to convince them to stay. This is why your first impression is SO VITAL.

The three main components of your blog’s first impression are:

  1. Branding
  2. Design
  3. Photography / Imagery


This is the heart, the soul, the theme, and the visual inspiration for your blog. Your branding includes your logo, color scheme, any relevant doodles or images. Anything that is iconic to YOU and YOUR brand.

Think about iconic brands… Kate Spade, Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, etc. These are all brands that you recognize just with color schemes, fonts, logos, etc. These are iconic brands who have done branding right.


image via

Sure, they may go through a rebrand every now and again, but they ultimately stay true to their roots and to their brand focus.

That’s the kind of thing you need to think about as you develop your own blog’s brand. Again, I could go WAY MORE into this (and I likely will at some point), but I want you to be thinking about it as you plan out your blog or maybe even look to spruce your current blog up.

This is where it is SUPER helpful to bring someone else on board if branding is not your strong suit or area of expertise. When I worked with my friend Johnna almost two years ago to rebrand my blog, she helped me really hone in on my brand and develop a scheme around it. This is the branding board we developed to help guide our design:


Now, this is almost two years old at this point and I’m definitely in the process of rebranding and redesigning everything, but a lot of these same things will stay as they are (or at least influence the future design).


Your blog design is your blog’s outfit. It’s what your blog is wearing when they meet someone. Yes, your brand (mentioned above), is a piece of the overall puzzle, but the actual DESIGN of your blog is the completed puzzle.

Designs change over the years, for sure. What’s “cool” or “trendy” can absolutely change… just like styles and trends in clothes and fashion change. But, that doesn’t negate the point that a good, solid design is important.

You want your design to feel like YOU… but you also want to think about the experience of your reader. So, ask yourself these questions?

  • Is my design clean? Or is it too cluttered and a jumbled mess?
  • Is my design easy to navigate? Or is it difficult to find your way around?
  • Is my design cohesive and thoughtful? Or is it all over the place and confusing to look at?
  • Does my design accurately represent me and my brand?
  • If my [INSERT YOUR DREAM CLIENT HERE] were to come to my blog today, would I be happy with what they see and experience?
  • Does the reader know WHO I am and what this blog is about just by visiting my site?

I, personally, am drawn to blogs that have clean layouts, incorporate something personal, and are clear as to who and what the person is about.

I wanted to show you some design examples from blogs I love to demonstrate what I’m talking about…

First is Rebecca Lately. My friend Rebecca just did a redesign of her blog and it’s GORGEOUS. It’s so simple, clean, and easy to navigate. It really represents Rebecca’s classic, mature style.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.33.20 PM

The next is Katelyn James. Katelyn was actually our wedding photographer and I’ve been reading her blog for YEARRRRS. She went through a massive redesign last year and I’m obsessed with it. It’s stunning and a true representation of Katelyn’s brand.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.32.04 PM

The next is Kate from The Small Things Blog. Kate and I met through blogging a few years ago and actually lives near me. She’s just as sweet and kind as can be! She went through a big design overhaul last year and it’s such a clean, classic, minimalistic look… I love the simplicity of it and how easy it is to navigate!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.32.37 PM

Lastly is A Beautiful Mess. I wanted to show you a design that incorporates more color and more design elements, but still is clean and easy to navigate. These ladies are blogging CHAMPS and their design represents their brand so well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.33.04 PM

So, all this to say… I HIGHLY recommend investing in a good blog design. If you can go for it and spend the money, hire someone like Katelyn Brooke or Johnna Hetrick to do your design. If you don’t have as large of a budget, there are a ton of AMAZING designers out there who will at least do a logo or you can even buy a template that you can easily install. You can even get simple designs off of Etsy!

The point is… invest in a good design. It’s SO important!!

Photography / Imagery

This is another EXTREMELY important piece of your blog’s first impression. When I look back at early posts I’m almost horrified at how terrible my photography was. EEEK. This is something I have constantly worked to improve.

Just as an example… here’s a photo of some Irish Soda bread I made for a post over three years ago… I mean, it’s just… not a great picture.


And here is a picture of some muffins I made a few weeks ago… see the difference in the picture quality???

RECIPE | Healthy Zucchini, Carrot, & Raisin Einkorn Flour Muffins (2)

Simple addition of natural like and minimal staging (plus a better camera and lens) makes a MASSIVE difference.

Now, let’s talk personal style photography. As much as I love taking photos (I take any and all photos that are not of me…), I realized that I was terrible at taking photos of myself for style posts. So, I made the investment and I began outsourcing personal style photography (photos of me) to my dear friend Emily. And it’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

Sure, the photo below isn’t terrible… but it’s not awesome either. This is a style photo from 2012. YIKES.

still being molly: red J.Crew midi skirt, patterned blouse, yellow cardigan, riding boots

And here’s a photo below from this past month… see the difference (other than the baby bump… haha)???

Striped maxi dress, black fringe bag - Maternity / Pregnancy Style (4)

My photography has drastically improved and, therefore, my readers have become more engaged, my readership has gone up, and brands that I want to work with take me more seriously because they know the images featuring their products are going to be extremely high quality.

I actually did a whole post last year about ways to improve your blog’s photography. These tips will be super helpful to you if you aren’t able to outsource your photography to someone else… or even if you’re still doing some of the photography yourself.

The point being: having high quality photos that capture the eye of your reader is SO important!!!! In fact, I really can’t emphasize this enough!!!

So there you have it. Three things that go into your blog’s first impression.

Share your thoughts – did you learn anything new today? What would you add to the list? Do you have any designers (branding or blog design) that you’ve worked with that you love? What about photographers? Tips? Tricks?

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (1)

By now, you are all well aware of my undying love for the Cleveland Browns. My love for Cleveland teams runs deep… it runs hard… and it does not fade… even as much as I often wish it would. You know, since for most of my life all of my Cleveland teams have been terrible.

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (2)still being molly: - I'm a Cleveland Browns fan and I don't care who knows it

BUT, my love for the Browns is so strong, that it’s just not going anywhere. I mean, that’s me (above), as a young baby, being indoctrinated to the Browns way by my daddy (who was born and raised in Cleveland). Even though I grew up in Redskins territory, and much to the chagrin of my mom who was a Skins fan, I will always and forever be a Browns fan. Wasn’t I adorable?? I mean, COME ON! :) haha!

And the truth is, I’m PROUD to be a Browns fan! I mean, I’m no fair weather fan. I’m no bandwagon fan (even though I’m almost certain there’s never been anyone who’s ever hopped on a Browns bandwagon). I’m a tried and true, dedicated, ’till death do us part fan.

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (3)And when Sunday rolls around (or Monday or Thursday and the Browns are lucky enough to be on primetime…), I have my Browns gear on and I’m letting the world know who I’m rooting for! I’ve even converted my husband to be a Browns fan! Okay, he’s still a Carolina Panthers fan… but he at least roots for the Browns when they’re playing! That is, of course, if they’re not playing the Panthers.

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (4)Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (7)

Being the awesome husband that he is, John has agreed to let me bring up Lilly in the way of the Browns. He’s agreed to let me teach Lilly all about the Dawg Pound, Jim Brown, the glory days, and what it means to rock the Orange and Brown. :) He’s the best husband ever.

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (5)

When I was growing up, there honestly wasn’t much out there as far as team apparel other than your typical t-shirt or jersey. I LOVE that with sites like NFL Shop, there’s a lot more variety (like, a TON MORE) and so I look forward to finding stylish Browns gear to rock each season.

Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (6) I also am FLOORED by the options they have now for kids wear! I mean, this tutu outfit? COME ON. IT’S TOO MUCH FOR WORDS. I CAN’T EVEN.

Lilly and I are dressed in our Browns Sunday best ready to watch the Browns win! …or lose. Okay, let’s be honest. Likely they’ll lose.Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (8) Cleveland Browns #MyNFLFanStyle #cg (9)

But hey, the Ravens are 0-3 so far this season. :) :) :) Muahahahaha.


What about you? Who do you root for? Which team has your undying love? Do you ever shop for stylish NFL gear?


DIY Calming & Relaxing Essential Oils Roll-On (3)

There are a few custom essential oil blends that I’ve made that are used on a daily basis in our home. I love making blends with my oils because it makes it SO easy to just roll the blend right on and go… rather than having to grab a carrier oil, grab all the individual oils, mix it, etc. etc. etc. So many steps.

When you make an oil blend yourself, you’re all set to just roll it on and be done! MAGICAL!

Our immune system supporting roll-on is one, and this calming / relaxing / sleepy time roll-on is another that gets used DAILY! It’s pre-diluted so it is safe to use on EVERYONE in our house, including our two-year-old daughter, Lilly! In fact, this is one of her favorite oil blends. She loves it!

It also takes less than two minutes to make. :)

(NOTE: Even though the roller bottle I used has the Peace & Calming label on it, it’s actually my blend. I just used an old, empty bottle of Peace & Calming. :))

Check it out:

DIY Calming & Relaxing Essential Oils Roll-On (2) Continue Reading →

Elegantees Chelsea tee, Shabby Apple Kissed with Gold Skirt, Alex and Ani bracelets, Nickel and Suede gold earrings, Wristology Watch, Kendra Scott Jewelry | North Carolina Fashion Blogger (4)

I was totally late to the Alex + Ani train. I had a bunch of friends who were in love with their charm bracelets, but I just didn’t really know much about them, for some reason. Then, when I saw all the different bracelets you could get (it seems as though they have one for EVERYTHING), I loved how unique and personalized they were.peplum top, red jeans, Sseko sandals, Nickel and Suede earrings, The Mighty River Project bag

I wear my Alex + Ani charm bracelets pretty much ever day. They go with everything and it’s so fun to see which bracelets people pick. You can really tell a lot about a person by the charm bracelets they choose! :) The problem is, you want to collect them all! Haha!

They also have a ton of other gorgeous jewelry!Stitch Fix Brixon Ivy top, Lularoe Skirt, Nude Wedges, Pink bag, Nickel and Suede earrings I have the Phi Mu, Sacred Dove, and the Believe bangles. All very personal and symbolic to me. :)

Today, I’ve teamed up with Alex + Ani to give one lucky reader a $35 gift card! Scroll to the bottom for the entry! :)

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Totally forgot to do an update last week. I realize most of you probably lost sleep over it… (sarcasm :)). These updates are really mostly for me to look back on (and, of course, for family and friends to keep up with! :)). It’s been so great to be able to look back at my weekly pregnancy updates with Lilly and see how I was feeling then compared to now.

This pregnancy has been NIGHT AND DAY different from my pregnancy with Lilly… so it’s SO interesting to see what things have changed and what things are similar. I’ve been very anxious so I’m just praying that subsides. 

  • How far along: 19 Weeks
  • How big is baby: Zesty zucchini
  • Weight gain: Only a few pounds. I’m still in regular clothes! It’s crazy because by this time with Lilly I was in full-on maternity clothing and had gained 10 pounds… I’ve pretty much gained little to no weight. Doctors don’t seem to be concerned though! I’m healthy. :)
  • Sleeping: Hit or miss… I am having BIZARRE dreams that are really affecting my sleep. That’s not fun. :(
  • Food cravings: I have had the biggest hunger pang for [B]Ski’s. It’s a wrap place here in town. I was laughing because apparently I also craved BSkis during my pregnancy with Lilly…
  • Food aversions: I don’t love sweets. I mean, I don’t hate them, but I don’t crave them.
  • Symptoms: Very, VERY tired. Still a lot of nausea.
  • Doctor’s appointment: Eager for our anatomy scan on October 15th!
  • Movement: I am definitely feeling some flutters!
  • Best moment of the week: Time with friends on Friday night
  • What I did / Got for baby: Nothing yet – haha… amazing how things change with the second kid.
  • Prayer requests: I’m having a lot of anxiety this pregnancy – I think because it’s so vastly different from my first… and so I am just praying that the anxiety decreases and I’m able to feel comfort that everything is okay and as it should be.
Which Blog Host is Right for Me? | "So You Wanna Start a Blog?" Series

I am LOVING the feedback I’m getting from you guys on last week’s first post in my “So You Wanna Start a Blog?” series! I’m so excited about this series and I’m glad you are, too!

I really want to answer all of your questions, so make sure you’re asking them – leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. :)

This week is going to be not super interesting, but it is extremely important because it’s, LITERALLY the foundation for your blog! Today I’m going to highlight some of the options that are out there for hosting your blog. This is where you’re creating your content, uploading your images, formatting your design… everything! Without your host… you have no blog! :)

These are going to be the most common options out there for blog hosting… and while a lot of it is personal preference, the rest of it is really about what you want to do with your blog and whether or not you want to be a hobbyist or a career blogger.

Enough intro… let’s get to it! Continue Reading →