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Your Purchase with Purpose Holiday Gift Guide

I am FULLY aware of the plethora of holiday gift guides that are floating around on the internets and on blogs right now. And I contemplated whether or not to do one, but then I thought I might take my own personal spin on it by highlighting some of my favorite fair trade, ethically made, and made in the USA items!

This was very difficult to pick out of ALL the ethical brands I love so much… so I figured I’d just keep it simple and share the highlights and give you some variety. So, I’m sharing my favorite fair trade picks from The Flourish Market and The Root Collective, and some awesome Made in the USA items from Shopbop.

Also, I am SO excited about sharing this with you… I have been struggling to find a good, solid, comprehensive list of fair trade, ethically made, and/or made in the USA brands and companies. So, for the last week or so, I’ve been compiling a list and creating a directory, and it’s starting to really come together!

It is DEFINITELY going to be a work in progress for a little while… adding companies / brands as I learn about them and come across them. But, for now, it’s really looking good! Done (or in progress) is better than perfect, right? Right! Know of a company / brand that needs to be added? Let me know!!

I really believe that we can make a difference by “voting” with our dollars and purchasing with purpose this holiday season. Plus, how awesome would it be if you made intentional purchases for your friends and family’s gifts this year? It would mean so much!

Anyway, let’s get to the gift guide…

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Love the cool kids clothes at Sailor Janes (4)

Lilly’s Dress: Sailor Janes c/o | Tights: Crazy 8 | Boots: Target | Jacket: Old Navy | Bow: Sweet Angel Kreations c/o

I would be lying to you if I said that dressing a girl isn’t fun… because, it is SO FUN. And Lilly is also at the age where she LOVES playing dress up and she even loves helping to pick out her clothes. She loves to get dressed and say, “Wook at me, mommy! I so fancy! I so bootiful in my dress!” It’s the best. However, I will admit, that finding kids clothes that are not only cool, but also sustainably made is a MAJOR challenge! I get 95% of Lilly’s clothes as hand-me-downs from friends or on consignment, but there are some times when I just like to get her something nice that I know she can wear for awhile.

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Simple Swap: Ditch Dryer Sheets with Dryer Balls & Essential Oils (3)

For over two years now, we have been using wool dryer balls to soften and freshen our clothes naturally. Even before I started using essential oils, we used wool dryer balls because we cloth diaper. You can’t use fabric softeners on cloth diapers and you can’t even use them in the dryer with regular clothes because the fabric softeners build up in the machine.

But ever since we started using them, I actually have completely fallen in LOVE with using wool dryer balls and can’t ever imagine switching back. There are so many awful ingredients in dryer sheets, not to mention they can be expensive! Using wool dryer balls is not only better for your clothes overall, but also better for your WALLET. GOOD, 100% wool dryer balls can last you up to 1,000 loads of laundry! BOOM! Continue Reading →

LulaRoe floral Ana dress, yellow accessories, Nickel and Suede earrings, Root Collective shoes, maternity, fall, fashion (1)

Dress: LulaRoe “Ana” Maxi Dress (Check out my friend Kelly’s LulaRoe group here!)Earrings: Nickel and SuedeNecklace: Sela Designs c/o (Use code “SBMOLLYFREESHIP” for free shipping) | Bracelets: Alex and Ani c/oWatch: Wristology Watches c/o (Use code “45” for 20% off your purchase) | Shoes: The Root Collective c/o (Use this link for 10% off your purchase)

Photography by Em Grey

You caught me.

I’m wearing, yet another, LulaRoe dress. Guilty as charged. And yep, this isn’t even a maternity dress. WOOHOO!

One of my closet friends, Kelly, and her mom launched their LulaRoe business last month and so I hosted a popup shop at my house. Kelly unpacked this gorgeous “Ana” maxi dress and everyone was like, “MOLLY! TRY IT ON! IT WILL LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU!” I was hesitant, but I thought I’d give it a try…

LulaRoe floral Ana dress, yellow accessories, Nickel and Suede earrings, Root Collective shoes, maternity, fall, fashion (2)I came out from trying it on and everyone said, “MOLLY! You have to get it! It looks so good.” And the moment I looked in the mirror, I said, “Yup. This dress is amazing.” 

Sometimes, you just need a dress that makes you feel AWESOME… a dress that has that “wow” factor… a dress that looks fancy, but actually feels like you’re wearing a giant pajama shirt (this is especially crucial in pregnancy…).

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Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (8)

My hair has never been my strong suit. Makeup? Got it. Clothing? Got it. Hair? Not as much. I always seem to struggle with my hair. I mean, I can certainly get by… I’m not hair inept… but my hair is just not my strength, if you will.

And, as my “time to get ready” becomes shorter and shorter, I definitely de-prioritize doing my hair. So, washing, drying, styling, etc. takes a backseat to other things that I know I can do.

BUT, that’s not to say that I want my hair to look all sorts of terrible. Ain’t nobody got time for a rat’s nest up in here. So, a good dry shampoo, my favorite hair ties, and some bobby pins have usually been my go-to to avoid dreaded “mom hair.”


Hear me out…

You guys are fully aware that I would never steer you wrong… I’ve made it a point to ALWAYS share honest, thorough reviews with you guys. When a product comes “across my desk,” per se, I always make sure that I absolutely love it and believe in it before I rave about it… OR, I’ll tell you if I don’t! If a product is a bust, I make it a point to let you know. But when I come across something I love, oh… you best believe I’m gonna tell you!

So, when I got the chance to review the Goody Clean Radiance copper bristle hairbrush, to be honest, I was skeptical. I thought, “Okay, there’s no way a HAIRBRUSH, by itself, can be THAT awesome. I mean, I’m sure it’s fine, but ‘life-changing’ or something of that matter? Nah.” 

I walked into Walmart, headed to the haircare aisle, and bought it without thinking much of it. And then I tried it.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (1)Meet the Goody “Clean Radiance” hair brush with COPPER bristles.

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Our 2015 Christmas Cards & a $250 Giveaway! (7)

You guys, our 2015 family Christmas cards are done. Designed. Printed. Stuffed. Stamped. WHAT?! This is unreal. And, to be totally honest, there is really only one reason that this major task being done so early was made possible – because the awesomeness that is Let me tell you why…

TRUE CONFESSION: I am NOTORIOUS for being behind on things like thank you notes, Christmas Cards, birthday cards, and pretty much all those things. Notorious. For example, I JUST sent out thank you notes to people for the gifts that Lilly got for her birthday… OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. I know, I’m not proud of it. But hey, I got it done! As bad as I usually am about it, I really am a traditional girl and love, love, love sending and receiving holiday cards.

I was determined to not be behind on holiday cards this year because I know that the holidays are going to come and go and then BAM… I’m going to have a baby. So, getting the cards done BEFORE the holidays (Thanksgiving included) was at the top of my personal “to-do” list. Our 2015 Christmas Cards & a $250 Giveaway! (2)

I have used Minted in the past for our cards and have always loved them. The quality is unmatched. For real. The paper they use? Gorgeous. The design options? A plenty. The option to have your addresses PRE-PRINTED ON YOUR ENVELOPES? Life-changing. Oh, and the insanely fast printing and shipping turn around time? Yes, please.

I ordered our Christmas cards on the 10th of November and they were printed and on my doorstep on the 17th. WOOP WOOP!

Honestly, the hardest part of this process was 1) getting a family picture taken and 2) choosing a design (allllll of the designs that has are stunning!).

Even the gathering of the addresses for the envelopes was easy because they have a super simple feature where you can send a link to people and they can fill it out and their information is added to your Minted address book. You can also upload an address list of your own and Minted will import all the addresses for you!

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