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RECIPE | Low-Carb Squash, Zucchini, & Meat "Lasagna" (2)

As you know, we’ve been receiving a CSA box since March (CSA = community supported agriculture… it’s a box full of locally grown, organic produce, meat, and eggs). One of the things I have loved about the CSA is we always have a TON of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand… AND a lot of the vegetables are not veggies that I’ve cooked a lot with or I’m super familiar with.

Recently, we’ve been receiving A LOT of squash and zucchini in our CSA box and, well, my husband very much dislikes squash and zucchini. BUT, I’ve been DETERMINED to come up with a recipe for all the veggies we’ve received and make them in a way that he likes…

A few weeks ago, I was playing around in the kitchen and decided to try my hand at a low-carb, zucchini and squash “lasagna.”

I was sneaky and didn’t tell my husband I was putting those veggies in there… and whipped this dish up and served it up and he was saying how delicious it was and all that… and BOOM! I told him what was in it and he was genuinely surprised and LOVED it!

Needless to say, it was a big hit in this house and will definitely be made again.

While there looks like there are a lot of ingredients and a lot of steps, I PROMISE that it’s super easy! You can easily switch out different ingredients that you have on hand. I just like to use what I got in my kitchen. :)

RECIPE | Low-Carb Squash, Zucchini, & Meat "Lasagna" (1)

RECIPE | Low-Carb Squash, Zucchini, & Meat "Lasagna"
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
An easy, delicious, low-carb recipe for squash, zucchini, and meat lasagna.
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Low-Carb Italian
  • 1 large zucchini
  • 1 squash (I used Patty Pan Squash, but pretty much any squash will do)
  • 1 small bunch of greens, finely chopped (could be spinach, collards, chard, etc. I used rainbow chard)
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 jar of pasta sauce of your choice
  • Crumbled goat cheese (optional)
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Shredded mozzarella
  • ½ pound of ground beef
  • ½ pound of italian sausage (you could honestly do one pound of just one meat... this is just what I happened to use)
  • Italian seasoning
  • Cracked sea salt and freshly cracked pepper (to taste)
  1. Preheat the oven to 375.
  2. In a 9x13 baking dish, spray with cooking spray (I love olive oil), then line the bottom with sliced zucchini.
  3. Brown the meat and cook thoroughly, then set aside.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine the chopped greens of your choice with the can of diced tomatoes and add in some Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to taste. (I didn't measure, I just eyeballed it). Then, mixed well.
  5. Cover the layer of zucchini with the greens and tomato mixture.
  6. Top that layer with crumbled goat cheese (you could switch this out for another type of cheese, but I love goat cheese)
  7. Then top with half the meat.
  8. Then top that layer of meat with the thinly sliced squash
  9. Next, add the last of the meat, and cover with the jar of pasta sauce and spread evenly.
  10. Sprinkle Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper on top.
  11. Finally, add the sliced fresh mozzarella and finish off with some shredded mozzarella.
  12. If desired, add some more seasoning on top.
  13. Then, place in the oven and bake 30 minutes or until bubbly (you'll just have to keep an eye on it).

What about you? Will you give this recipe a try? I promise, it is a HIT! It’s delicious. AND it’s healthy! (Well, the garlic bread isn’t… but that’s optional… haha!) :) 

Molly's Money | Let's Talk Identify Theft

Identity theft.

It’s one of those awful things in life that we never think is going to happen to us. It’s one of those, “No way is that going to be me… ever…” scenarios.

And then it happens. And we are blindsided. And it is awful.

Now, this is definitely a topic that could be discussed at length, and I’m not going to explore every angle of it today, but I do want to at least get the conversation going.

If I’m being honest with myself (and you), until recently, I don’t think I’ve given too much thought to identify theft.

First, let’s talk how identity theft happens.

I love this infographic because it really breaks down the main ways that scammers can steal your identity:
How scammers steal your identity | Title cartoon © Pornwipa/; Finger print © NREY/; Laptop icon © pking4th/; Call center icon © pking4th/; Gender symbols ©Mix3r/

So, what are some ways you can protect yourself?

  1. Change your passwords regularly. And make them difficult.
    • This one is hard, I know! The moment I memorize a new password, I feel like it’s time to change it. But, changing your passwords on a regular basis (and yes, having a capital letter, a number, and / or a symbol in there helps) will at least make it that much more difficult for hackers to get into your accounts.
  2. Speaking of passwords, don’t use the same password for everything.
    • Yep, another challenging one, but super important. Have a document (somewhere… especially in a totally not obvious place) that has all your accounts and passwords. That way you can remember more easily when you’re signing into your various accounts.
    • Having different passwords for things will also prevent those nasty scammers from hacking into #alltheaccounts and stealing #allthethings.
  3. Protect your computer.
    • Make sure your computer has a strong firewall, anti-virus software, anti-spyware, and malware protection, etc.
  4. Don’t click that suspicious link in that email sent from that person in your contact list.
    • Seriously though… if you get an email (even if it is from a friend or a family member) and there’s a subject like “CHECK THIS OUT!” or “I see you!” or “Look, spyware in my email!” and the email contains JUST a link… DON’T CLICK IT. Be smart, people. If you have a question about it… just email or call the person and ask if they legitimately sent it.
    • These are phishing scams and they’re not. real.
  5. Be aware when you’re shopping online. 
    • Make sure the sites are verified that you’re shopping from and that the sources are trusted. When in doubt, call.

Those are just a FEW of the ways to protect yourself. Yes, there is identity theft protection insurance and all that, which is awesome… but I just wanted to give you a few things you can do on your own to at least help the cause.

What about you? What’s your thoughts or experiences with identity theft? Share them in the comments below!

Belk (1)

If you live in the south, you know the department store Belk. If you don’t live in the south, basically, Belk is THE essence of southern style. They have so many amazing brands (some exclusive to Belk) and they just have the cutest stuff. PLUS, they always have AWESOME sales. And, you know how we all love a good sale.

I’ve talked about my love for Belk before (especially their crown & ivy line!), and I’ve also talked about how much I love the site (a site where you can get store coupons AND cash back on your online purchases).

Anyway! Belk is having so many amazing online sales right now (I LOVE this time of year – always the best time for sales…) AND also has some amazing exclusive Belk deals happening… so I teamed up with them to share those deals with YOU guys – PLUS a few of my favorite picks from the crown & ivy line. Gosh. Loveeee so much.


Belk (3)

Here are the best deals happening right now: 

How awesome is that?

Belk (5)

So, who’s ready to do some SHOPPING? This guy! :) 

Happy Wednesday!

*Thank you to for partnering with me on this post!

40 Uses for Thieves Household Cleaner

Let’s be honest here… with a toddler and a husband and two dogs in our house, I am constantly cleaning up dirt and messes. #AlwaysBeCleanin’

Once Lilly was born, I was vary aware of the nasty-ness that is in so many store-bought household cleaners. I would always get a headache when cleaning my bathroom and I just knew that there’s no way the fumes from this stuff could be good for me (or my family).

When I got started on my journey with Young Living, I quickly learned about Thieves Household Cleaner… and then quickly became a BELIEVER. This stuff is AMAZZZZZZING and I want to share with you guys all about it today!

What IS Thieves Household Cleaner, exactly?

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Vineyard vines linen tunic, white jeans, blue accessories

Shirt: Vineyard Vines (love this one!)Jeans: TargetShoes: The Root Collective c/o (Use this link for 10% off)Bag: TargetEarrings: Nickel and Suede c/o | Watch: Wristology Watches c/o (Use code 45 for 20% off)Bracelets: Alex and Ani c/o

Photography by Em Grey

It’s taken almost 30 years, but I think I’m finally at the point where I’m just comfortable in my own skin, in my own life, in my own personality, and my own self. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m not saying I have it all figured out. I’m just saying, I think I’m finally at the point where I’m able to fully own my stuff and own the life the Lord has blessed me with.

Of course there are times when I still feel a sense of want or a sense of lack – those are natural human emotions that we all get… and that’s okay. I think it’s being able to identify that about ourselves that’s important… you know?

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View More:

I will say this off the bat, I do NOT claim to be an expert on all things social media and all things blogging. The social media and blog world are changing SO rapidly (all. the. time.) that it’s nearly impossible to keep up and know what’s going on in every nook and cranny.

BUT, after blogging for nearly a decade and having used social media for both business and personal use over the years, I’ve learned a few things. And, once this became more of a full-time gig for me, I learned even more.

Blogging is SO much fun… I LOVE it. However, it’s definitely not easy.

Now, I EASILY get 3-4 emails and/or messages a week (probably more) from friends and readers who ask me something along the lines of, “I want to start a blog! What should I do first?” or “I have been blogging but I want to grow my blog, what should I do?” 

There are so many ways to answer those questions and so many moving parts to consider… BUT, there are definitely a few “rules of thumb” and “best practices” that you can do when you’re starting out or looking to grow.

With all that being said, I figured it was high time I just went ahead and did a blog series on this very topic! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, I just hadn’t had the extra push I needed to get ‘r done.

I’m going to change that!

I want to make sure that I am answering the questions that you have and covering the topics you want to see covered!

SO, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment on this post with your question, your topic idea, etc. that you would like to see me talk about! If you don’t feel comfortable commenting, feel free to shoot me an email! I’m more than happy to keep it anonymous!

I can’t wait to dive into this with y’all!

LulaRoe Nicole dress, Nickel and Suede earrings, nude wedges

Dress: LuLaRoeShoes: Rack Room Shoes c/o (similar) | Earrings: Nickel and SuedeBracelets: Kendra Scott and Alex and Ani c/oWatch: Wristology Watches c/o (Use code ’45’ for 20% off your purchase)

Photography by Em Grey

I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE cotton dresses because they are literally, the EASIEST outfit choice ever. Just throw it on and go. But, it’s hard to find cute, cotton dresses that have SLEEVES. While I don’t particularly mind sleeveless dresses (obviously depends on the dress), I just prefer dresses with sleeves. I find them more flattering on me and I am more comfortable in them.

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July Young Living Essential Rewards Unboxing

How many of you have heard of Periscope? Periscope is a SUPER fun new “LIVE BROADCASTING” app that is owned by Twitter and it’s SO much fun! I decided to do things a little differently this month with my monthly Essential Rewards unboxing… Instead of doing the fancy set up in my room with my camera and all that jazz, I wanted to unbox my order LIVE on Periscope!

It was so much fun to do – I then uploaded it to YouTube for those of y’all who watch my videos there… so that’s why things look a little differently (and partially why I look a little rough… I literally just got back from the store doing some grocery shopping and I was sans makeup and very sweaty. Haha!).

If you’re on Periscope, be sure to follow me! I’m on there as @stillbeingmolly!

Anyway, check out this month’s unboxing of my essential rewards order!


There is a HUGE discount on the Premium Starter Kit right now – In case you didn’t know!! Right now, the new premium starter kit from Young Living is $10 off for new members and 10% off for existing members!!! SO exciting! This is in addition to the promos I’m running right now… If you’re ready to get started on your essential oil journey THIS month, check out what the deal is… seriously. This is awesome.

What Comes in the NEW Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils? (20)

Get started this JULY with a Premium Starter Kit and improve your overall health and wellness! Now is the time to get your family healthy and start getting RID of toxins in your HOME!!

Here is the DEAL!

  1. You get a lifetime wholesale membership and discount of 24%!! (Plus, it’s $10 off right now!!!)
  2. You get 11 oils
  3. You will receive the coveted and amazing dewdrop diffuser (or you can select another diffuser of your choice)
  4. I will give you resource materials worth over $20 to help you learn more about using your oils and other wonderful oily resources!
  5. I will GIVE you a $20 AMAZON.Com gift card to get you started on oily accessories!
  6. You will have ALL the support of our awesome team!!

    Get started TODAY!

Casual Style with Famous Footwear (8)

Top: Stitch FixShorts: TargetShoes: Vans via Famous Footwear c/oNecklace: Noonday CollectionEarrings: Nickel and Suede c/oBracelets: Alex and Ani c/oWatch: Wristology Watches c/o (Use code 45 for 20% off your purchase)Bag: Target

Photography by Em Grey

I can’t believe I’m about to say this… but in a month, our precious little girl, Lilly, will be TWO YEARS OLD… and a few weeks after that, she will be going to PRESCHOOL. Okay, okay. I know. It’s not a big deal.

We decided to put her in a two-day a week preschool program at a church nearby for a few reasons and I know she will love it and it will be good for her and good for me. BUT, that’s not to say that it’s not still a little mind boggling to me that this is all happening so soon!

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Krispy Kreme (1)

I don’t have a superb memory. I remember things here and there, but my memories have faded a lot over the years. I have friends who can remember every little last detail about their lives from childhood ’til now… I am not one of those people.

But, I remember the important stuff. As a kid, I remember going to get breakfast with my dad before school. Or watching Saturday morning cartoons with my parents on the couch. And I remember the times where my parents would take me for ice cream, or a donut, or a special treat… and I loved those times. I love those memories. I look back on them and smile and cherish them.

I love that I’m now able to make those same memories with my little family – with John and Lilly.

Every so often, we’ll get up on a Saturday morning and head to our favorite donut shop – Krispy Kreme – to get a delicious hot now donut. When that “hot now” sign is on… ALL BETS ARE OFF, people.
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