Gov. Blagojevich's Unemployment Snafu: SOLVED!

January 29, 2009·

The Illinois state Senate voted unanimously today in the impeachment trial of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

He couldnt possibly have been a good governor... he looks like a Grinch.
He couldn't possibly have been a good governor... he looks like a Who from Whoville.

Governor Blagojevich (for those of you who pay no attention to the news and/or was accused of trying to sell the Senate seat formerly held by President Barack Obama. During the trial, Blagojevich claimed that he “did nothing wrong” and that there is really no sufficient evidence to convict him. 

Blah, blah, Blahgojevich. Your feelings are really none of my concern. We have bigger fish to fry. Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View” announced today that she is preggers. Which means, pretty soon she’ll be on maternity leave. Which means, there’s a seat open. And THAT seat is going to need to be filled.

I have some outstanding debts that need to be “taken care of” and I know a guy at ABC [actually, I know a girl who knows a guy at ABC]. Well Mr. Blagojevich, I have JUST the job for you! Personally, I think “Blagojevich, Behar, & Goldberg” has a nice ring to it (or it just sounds like a bad injury law firm).

So, B-Dog (can I call you B-Dog?) give me a ring. Let’s work something out. My phone is always open.