Camels Give Young Girls a False Image of Beauty.

February 4, 2009·

Picture me this: a group of young girls eagerly putting on their jammies, serving up glasses of fruit punch, and gathering ‘round the television set preparing to watch the one beauty pageant they have anticipated all year long.

However, this pageant is not filled with smart, talented, and beautiful women. This particular spectacle spotlights Saudi Arabia’s finest… camels.

You should have seen her BEFORE she quit smoking.
She only likes her "good hump" showing.

Judges and organizers of the annual affair outlined the qualities they look for in a crown-worthy camel: big eyes, long lashes, full lips, and a long neck – possibly 30 to 40 inches (up until the 30-40 inches part, I thought they were talking about Angelina Jolie). These features are all well and good, but the ever-growing and widely popular camel market is consequently giving our young, impressionable Saudi Arabian girls a false sense of what is beautiful and womanly. Plus, they spit when agitated. That’s not lady-like. [Not to mention their smoking habits].

And furthermore, what are the talent and Q&A portions of the camel-capades teaching our Saudi Arabian girls?

Saudi Arabia. Thats that new Asian designer, right?
Saudi Arabia. That's that new Asian designer, right?

That it is okay to flaunt your “humps”? Hey, at least the camels couldn’t possibly have the same problem in the on-stage question as Miss Teen South Carolina did.

So, hey Saudi Arabia. I think it’s time you reevaluate what you deem “beautiful” — for the sake of the girls. Oh, and I really would not like to see [Saudi Arabia] premier an instant-Camel beauty pageant reality show.