1. Very well done It was close to what I had the idea of bringing her back! So awesome possom job Im going to read it again and it was funny!

  2. The fact that they’re starting to tie the 24 storylines with LOST is loooooooong overdue! Ha, this is awesome, I will read it everynight before I go to sleep!

  3. Yeah! You are absolutely right!

    God, I keep thinking that Julie Cooper is going to show up in an episode sooner or later! And that they’re married!

  4. Every time I think of Widmore, I only think of the time he was on the OC. I can’t get it out of my head.

    Yes, this is admitting I watched the OC when it was on, and I’m okay with that! =D

    1. I did too! AND I thought the same thing. It’s just funny because I feel like that actor has been on every popular TV show, therefore it makes it somewhat difficult to differentiate his characters. Am I right?

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