Forget the FACTS: Bill Gates' iLAND FTW!

March 10, 2009·

Forget the FACTS took a break last week due to my possession of the plague. [Is the black plague still around? Because I think I had it…]. Well, we are back and better than ever this week with some good bits, and I mean good. No “news stone” goes unturned in the world of Ryan & Molly. 


This week, we tackled issues like Bill Gates’ and his iPhone hating, Germans and their topics of discussion, China, God’s answering machine, Christian Bale, and MORE. If you like Forget the FACTS, keep checking back. If you don’t, check back anyway. 

We’re all opinions, a whole lot of bits, and no facts. Well, sometimes there are facts. It just depends. 😉

All for now.