Don't Take "Weather" Into Your Own Hands

March 27, 2009·

I feel as though I am seeing my college days flash before my eyes. [Well, not MY college days, per se, more like the college days of a lot of the girls I knew. I was an anomaly. ;)] However, for some reason I do remember instances in which bad things happened to good people [hilariously bad things] and a sobbing/crying fest thus ensued. But, I digress. Let’s get to the point.

Things that probably are not a good idea:

  1. Busting open a fire extinguisher
  2. Trying to use a fire extinguisher when there is no fire
  3. Trying to use a fire extinguisher indoors, in the middle of the night, in an enclosed space
  4. Trying to use a fire extinguisher in lieu of a snow machine in order to fashion the illusion of a winter wonderland, in a hallway
  5. Wait a tick, why would you use a snow machine in a dorm, err, residence hall, anyway?

So, why should you avoid these things? Watch this video and SHE’LL tell you.


Awesome. “I thought it would just be a “POOF!””

My dear, dear sobbing sorority-hopeful-girl, no fire extinguisher emits just a POOF. Frankly, if my home were legitimately on fire, I would be angry at the fire extinguisher company for selling me a faulty product. Furthermore, just because your DAD did it when he was in college, doesn’t mean you should too. There are probably a lot of things your dad did in college that are not wise for you to follow suit in. Oh, and I don’t think sweeping the floor will make up for what you have done.

So, my friends, what is the moral of this hilarious story? Whether you’re looking to “make it rain” or “make it snow” — you should never bring the weather into your own hands.


Hilarious. I’ll be saying that for the next, uhm, two weeks, at least.

All for now.