April 22, 2009·

It’s Wednesday. Forget the FACTS was filmed on a Tuesday.

Last Thursday was National Librarian Day. But no one knew because they were whispering.

It’s also Earth Day. Why don’t you hug a tree?

Tomorrow is Take Your Daughter to Work Day. (And yes, we have a joke about it. It may or may not be “OKAY”).

Friday is Friday.

I am going to see the Dave Matthews Band in Raleigh, NC tonight.

Today is also Zach Ward’s birthday. Do you know him? You should.

I’m drinking a Diet Coke and thinking about Chipotle. A burrito, not a burrito bol.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Burrito Bol is missing the “W”? I wonder if the Chipotle execs know that they misspelled a popular food item on their menu.

I don’t think the Washington National’s jersey-spelling-snafu really compares.

I have to go to the bathroom.

I’m just saying.


All for now.