No. It can't be true. THE RETURN OF SNUGGIE MANIA.

October 12, 2009·

You guessed it. (Actually, you probably did not guess it). The SNUGGIE mania is back, bolder, better, and booklightier than ever. As I was working early this morning I had my TV on in the background to serve as, you know, “white noise.” And suddenly IT came on the television screen. The new and revised SNUGGIE commercial.

Whether or not we want to admit it, the Snuggie was, in fact, the number ONE gift for Christmas last year. And being that it is already October 12th, the Snuggie corporation is trying to think of a new way of promoting the SAME product they sold last year to make it, once again, the number one gift for Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, whathaveyou. Except this time they have chose to spice up their marketing with more Snuggie colors, patterns, and a DOG snuggie option (I covered my feelings about this in an earlier post). This new commercial even features HORRIBLE dancing. I mean, bad. Really bad raising of the roof.


Please note at 1:01, the only man in the stands NOT wearing a Snuggie is obnoxiously shivering, yet he is wearing an ACTUAL coat. Just thought I’d point that out.