1. You are as nice as your mother…keep it up you are a great daughter showing so much respect and love for your wonderful mother.

    Don’t know if you read my previous reply…we both( Lynda) spent long days and nights saving so many lives…as a triage officer will be reminded how many lives let them die for the inability to care for them, and yet our work and dedication kept very many alive and well…your mother posess nice small skillful hands and she would do or finish cases for me…we were so exhuasted then but our youth and sense of devotion to save our troop kept us alert to rendered to our last breadth…she for sure felt coming home the lack or appreciation for her heroic service if she listen up there she should continue to be happy that the ones who serve with her we with a heartfelt recononized her dedicated service to America.

    I was a draftee educated in Ohio State University born in Mexico, wonder if she ever mention to you about a Mexican born Surgeon, she was a little playful and devlish, make all kind of practical jokes even placing all sort of nick names on my surgical shoes and boots, we all love her and were a big great family all in the same boat.

    Still in private practice as a Plastic surgeron in this valley of the sun Scottsdale, Arizona

    Best regards

    Dr Leon

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