Thuper Therious Thursday: Awkward Social Mating

November 19, 2009·

Photo courtesy of Agent-X Comics
Photo courtesy of Agent-X Comics

Ahhh who doesn’t love awkward dating and mating social media vernacular? I am going to go out on a limb and say this scenario, although exaggerated, is probably happening at bars across America and beyond. The reasons this is happening are THREE-FOLD:

  1. Social Media Vocabulary can be awkward. Poke. Tweet. Twitter. Twit. Tag. Digg. Write on your wall. Blog post. See? All awkward and carry awkward innuendos.
  2. We are Social Media saturated. You and I both know, social media is err’ywhere. Walk into a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar, a bookstore, a library – how many people are probably checking facebook, texting, or tweeting? They are even passing legislation in states making it illegal to TWEET while driving. Duh.
  3. Boys are getting desperate. No, not all boys… and notice I didn’t say MEN. Men wouldn’t dare hit on a woman with a social media term. Boys, however, would. (And a woman, would never ask a man if she could “poke” him.) In fact, no lie, I was hit on once by a guy who yelled across a bar at me and said, “Yo! Female! Lemme get that backslash.” He was referring to my “ [BACKSLASH] username.” Needless to say, I did not give him my “backslash.” Not okay. Am I right?

The professional woman in me is disgusted by the utterly ridiculous attempts by boys to pick up women in this way. However, the comedian in me thinks it’s hilarious.

So, here is my FIRST OFFICIAL BLOG CHALLENGE/CONTEST: Leave a comment with your best awkward pick-up line that uses some sort of social network term OR tell me a hilarious story where you actually got hit-on using social networking terminology and the winner will receive a surprise prize. Get creative. Think outside the web? You know what I mean.