My #FAILwhale is BACK, but Twitter LISTS are Gone!

November 30, 2009·

UPDATE: Within 10 minutes of posting this blog entry, Twitter Lists came back. Ahhh, gotta love the ever-changing immediacy of technology.

fail_whaleI finally saw my familiar friend – the Twitter #FailWhale. Maybe my earlier blog post was like a mating call, or an S.O.S. and he knew he needed to pay me a visit. I missed his face.

BUT something else left. Twitter Lists. As you probably can tell, Twitter lists are temporarily disabled.

But no worries, guys. Twitter posted this on their status blog:

“Starting about 10 minutes ago, we began experiencing a very high rate of errors and we are working on the underlying problem. Update (1:30p): We are now recovering from this unexpected downtime. The Lists feature is temporarily unavailable as we diagnose the cause of the outage.”

So don’t worry, peeps. Twitter lists are NOT gone forever – they will be back soon. Just like my beloved #FailWhale came back, lists will come back soon, too.