1. @Mary – Thanks SO much for your comment. GREAT point about the whole b*tch thing. Women who are tough are “b*tches” while men who are tough are good businessmen. It’s a double standard of sorts. and yes, LOVE carol burnett!

  2. I think the correlation between comedy and biz is right on (surprise, surprise). Women have come a long way baby, and we continue gain repsect from our male colleagues. I do agree however, that we women still strive to be contenders in both fields. There a few super stars and I am personally gratefully for both Dratch and Fey and others in comdey as well as Martha Stewart and Leona Helmly in biz.
    It’s a shame that when a women is tough in biz she is called a b*tch while a man is patted on the back.
    Maybe those two ladies are not the best examples but they are surely the most recognized. Let us all try to change the b*tch persona to one of confident contenders.

    Thanks to the guys that already think we are. Luv ya!

    Nice post Molly! Word.

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