1. My first weekend home from college many, many years ago… it had just started to rain, and I was headed down Greensboro St in Carrboro. I was accelerating up a hill and as I topped it, there was a Toyota stopped in the middle of the road: no brake lights, no turn signal… and it took me just a moment too long to realize the vehicle wasn’t moving. I was only going 20mph and I tried to swerve between it and a lamp post, but I slid and clipped her back fender. My dad was overseas and my mom was out of state… *man* were they peeved!
    Two years later, I drove too close to a bollard (those yellow metal posts) at a McD’s drive-through and got a lovely yellow streak down the side of my pickup.
    A few years after that, I got too close to an immovable object (metal post? concrete steps? — can’t remember) at Carr Mill mall and put a similar ding in my Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight… but those suckers are, like, twenty feet long with a miserable turning radius, and I maintain it was totally unavoidable given the cramped parking lot.

  2. Glad to hear Lucy is all better!

    We were just talking about this last night… I’ve run into an ATM (old car, no power steering & I couldn’t make the turn), I’ve lost control on a muddy road and went under a chain link fence, I’ve been rear-ended in traffic, I’ve been hit three times while sitting in my car before getting out at the store, I’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler when sitting at a stop sign, I’ve hit a deer going 75, and I’ve run a stop sign and hit a little tiny car (I ‘totaled’ his car and I was only driving a geo prism).

    That’s 9 accidents in only 12 years (though most of them happened in the first 5 years I had my license). No wonder State Farm refuses to insure me!

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