1. Ra ra, let’s all rally ’round the flag.

    Yeah, I work for a paycheck. I work for my family. Should I work for someone else instead? Who the hell works for their boss anyway? Not a single second goes by during any given workday do I think that I’m working for anyone else but myself and my family.

    1. @Fleagle – I definitely wasn’t assuming or insinuating that you or anyone else works for someone else by any means. My post was more a metaphor for what we do on a daily basis / work ethic / passion / and the pursuit of what we LOVE to do… as individuals.

  2. Really GREAT insight, my Dear. What I really like about you is that you enjoy life, embracing every moment you have to its fullest. I admire that so much. You are an inspiration, my Friend, and I thank you for this *reminder*.

    CONGRATS, once again, on completing the half marathon. Talk about guts and gusto! 🙂

    1. @LISA – I have to say right back atchya. After meeting you last summer and seeing how much you have prevailed through this tough time and how you continue to excel at everything you do, YOU, my friend, are the inspiration.

      Alicia Keys would be lucky to have someone like you on her team 🙂

      Thanks again.

  3. Almost made me cry, too. Proud of you, Molly. Remember: good bosses take their employees out for lunch every once in awhile. Do it!

  4. Well, now that my blog is a company on LinkedIn, I like to think I work for myself, and everyone else just gets to experience the greatness that is me.

    Then I remember I don’t get paid to blog yet, so I work harder. I’m determined to be able to get paid for writing and speaking about how insane we all are.

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