Things My Dog Has Taught Me

June 3, 2010·

Sure, I’m like every other dog owner who loves her dog. I love my dog. A lot. Like, on the for reals, she is my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’ve had my dog a little over two years now, and Audrey Hepburn Buckley has taught me a lot. She’s been there for me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even though I trained HER, she’s probably trained me more. Training a dog depends on how well the owner of the dog is able to connect with their pet. And if the pet happens to be the spirit animal of the owner, then there would be no possibility of the dog going aloof with its owner.

So, here are just a few things my Audrey girl (aka: Auds, Woogs, Skizzles, Skizzy, Boo boo, or Booger) has taught me:

  1. It’s never too early or too late to play
  2. Dessert (treats) are welcomed and encouraged at any time
  3. A long nap after a long run is key
  4. Looking cute will get you everywhere
  5. Showing the people you love that you love them never gets old
  6. In addition to #5, you can never love the people you love too much
  7. Snuggling makes everything better
  8. Who doesn’t love a good back rub?
  9. Stop pretending to be something you’re not
  10. It pays to be a good listener
  11. It’s okay to be picky about where you poop
  12. It’s okay to get your paws wet and dirty every once in a while, but at least be a lady about it
  13. Jump at the chance to make a new friend (sometimes literally, jump)
  14. Defend what’s important to you (for Audrey, that’s her bone and her crate, and well, her mommy)
  15. Take joy in the relaxation of a long car ride
  16. Get good at sniffing out the bad apples
  17. AND always be loyal to those who deserve it

What has your dog / cat/ ferret / best friend taught YOU?