1. Hi Molly… wow. this post did progress into a major dieting geek out. but i very much emphasize with your situation. it seems that both exercise and good nutritional habits pour into weight loss– and to balance the two with a full-time job, can be very difficult.

    props to you! also, i started gazing off when you brought in the charts, but are you familiar with the concept of interval running?

    basically it’s when you run for a few minutes, and then walk, then run again, repeat. when you run long-distances, your body gets too quickly adjusted to what you’re doing, and not as much weight comes off.

    right now, i am not dieting, but i did give up bread, high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars and soda for Lent (i know, i know. what a list).

    it’s still hard sometimes for me to be motivated to go to the gym, because i am more happy doing something creative and can get bored easily at the gym. but now that it’s getting warm, there’s no excuse for ADD girls like me.

    thanks for your thoughts on this!

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