Need an Opportunity to Help Someone this Christmas? #NCCIW

December 18, 2011·

Okay, so this is my quick Sunday afternoon plea.

Some of you, if not all of you, know that I volunteer and serve a few times a month at the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women in Raleigh, North Carolina with my church newhope Church. It’s a humbling experience every time that I serve. Every time.

Well, this Tuesday, we will be heading there to hold a Christmas service for the women, and we want to serve them by bringing a little something nice.

Now, our definition of something nice is completely different from what is actually allowed. So, we are bringing toiletry bags for the women – however, there’s a catch… we cannot bring ANY of the bags if we don’t have enough for every one. (Sad but true common sense). We are short right now about 20-30 bags.

That’s where you come in.

Would you like a quick opportunity to serve and bless a woman in need this Christmas? Gather these toiletries, place them in a clear ziploc / hefty bag, and bring them to ME (I will meet you and get it from you) or you can bring the bag DIRECTLY to newhope Church in Durham, NC by 6PM TOMORROW (that is MONDAY, December 19th, 2011). Mark the bag to the attention of Amy Lynn.

Here’s what the bags need – and I cannot stress enough that it has to be THESE EXACT ITEMS – I know we all feel generous and want to put in other things, but this is a prison and they will not allow it.

    • Colgate classic medium or soft FULL HEAD toothbrush
    • Colgate gel toothpaste (4.2 oz)
    • OR
    • Colgate mint toothpaste (6.4 oz)
    • Dial Gold Soap (3.5 oz)
    • OR
    • Ivory Soap (4.5 oz)
    • Lady Speed Stick Shower Fresh (1.5 oz)
    • OR
    • Secret Solid Powder Fresh (1.7 oz)
    • OR
    • Suave 24 Hour Protection Fresh Invisible Solid
    • Suave Humectant Shampoo (14.5 oz)
    • OR
    • Suave Naturals Shampoo Strawberry (15 oz)
    • OR
    • Pantene Pro V Shampoo (12.6 oz)
Okay, so I did this myself and was able to find most of these at Wal-Mart. I put two bags together for two women and it came in at around $15-$20. I have also heard that Roses is a great place to find these items.
This is an incredibly quick, cheap, and easy way to make a HUGE impact on a woman’s life this Christmas.
I will even be there on Tuesday when we hand out the gifts so I will be able to report back with exactly the kind of impact you were able to make.
If you have ANY questions, AT ALL, about the #NCCIW prison ministry, what I do there, what newhope does there, or what it’s like to serve these women and daughters of Christ, let me know. Email me at mollyebuckley [at] gmail dot com.
Thank you!