1. Love the look!
    It was really nice to see creative self developed wedding invitations. I used to develop it for group of friends but in more professional way :p.
    I can show you my sample of wedding Invitations which I used to say Royal wedding invitations. In India, We spend a huge chunk on these wedding cards. You and Your readers can see it at wedding Invitation Hub
    Thanks for artile

  2. You did such an awesome job!!! These are beautiful invitations!!! I want to do something with a mason jar as well, but I was thinking more of a die cut instead of a printed mason jar. But I am having a hard time figuring out how to do that, so I may just have to print them. May I ask what type of printer you used for this job? I want to figure in the cost of ink along if I print at home. Also I love your RSVP idea and I plan to do the same (Web/email). What was the exact wording on your RSVP cards? Anyways, thanks for your help and thanks for posting this! It’s was so helpful!!!

    Oh! And thanks so much for that bit about the extra cost for postage because of twine! I would have found that part out the hard way. 🙂

  3. When my brother got married we made a hand drawn portrait of them and then sanned the image and printed that with the script font like yours but a lot more generic. We used twine and a dried sunflower to secure the envelope. I like yours better to be honest. It looks alot less like romance fairy barfed allover it. It still fun and the stamp still adds romance to it.
    As always, great post!

  4. Thanks for posting all this. i was all about vintage, rustic, tea cups, mason jar, lace, doilie, prints such as damask, fleur de lys, quatrefoil and houndstooth and anything DIY for my sister’s bridal shower. Although it’s over a year away, i’ve been looking through pinterest, google and etsy for ideas and slowly making a theme and buying items for it. I don’t like to just do things last minute therefore making me just result into buying things. Thanks for posting where you got all the items and how much it all was. The invitation is very creative, look aesthetically pleasing and I love it 🙂

  5. Can you please tell me what information you have on the small card shown included with your invitations? These are adorable.

  6. Hi, I love these invites and am making them for my brothers wedding 🙂 I am not too great on my computer though and I have no clue how you changed or deleted the saying that already comes on the template. I actually want to keep it on the invite but want to use the same template for the program. Help 🙂

    1. love your invitations, however, wondering what information is on the small card included, which is about the size of a business card.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this Wedding invite DIY! I am looking for a cost effective yet unique idea for the invitations.

    I had to comment, however, because of your George Washington stamp story. THE SAME THING happened to me with my Save the Dates. I wrapped the magnets in pretty string and it added, just like you said, the extra .20 cents. I was not planning on this, especially since I custom ordered wedding stamps and weighed the magnets for the correct postage prior to getting to the post office. Long story short, my fiance had to drop off an apology note to the post master the following day, haha.

    Thanks for sharing both the DIY and George Washington vignette. It makes me feel good to know there are other brides like me out there!

  8. LOVE the invites! I just sent out mine and it’s hilarious because I had them hand stamp them (bc of twine) and had to add a 20 cent stamp to my adorable cute invites that already had the love stamp. I had the option of George Washington…only. UHHH! Oh well. 🙂

  9. So, I was googling around, trying to find a stencil or stamp of a quatrefoil to decorate the walls of sewing/craft closet/”studio”. Your blog came up, i was skimming through looking for this quatrefoil stamp, and see the invite (love it hardcore) and say ahh, we have a newhope church up the road! wait… on fayetteville rd, what the… Sup, yo, from Cary! Congratulations on the wedding, such a fun time!
    and if you come across a reasonably price large quatrefoil stencil, send it my way?

  10. The best part about this wedding invitation…..it was every bit YOU!! Can’t wait to see what crafty details you come up with for your wedding. LOVE YOU!!!

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