1. The problem is really knowing how much is “A LITTLE BIT” that needs to hang down. Having no good way to estimate, I made a total guess of needing 6 inches hanging down on each side.

    If that works, then here’s how you make efficient use of the burlap rolls.

    Rolls 1 through 7:
    Cut two 11-foot strips and one 8-foot strip.
    **Total feet = 30… complete use of the 10-yard roll.

    Roll 8
    Cut one 11-foot strip, one 8-foot strip, and two 5-foot strips.
    **Total feet = 29.

    Roll 9
    Cut three 8-foot strips and one 5-foot strip.
    **Total feet = 29.

    Roll 10
    Cut five 5-foot strips.
    **Total feet = 25.

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