Moving. Preparation. And 19 Days.

January 30, 2012·

I would usually apologize for all the personal, wedding-y, gushy posts recently. But frankly, this blog has just become a place for me to write about whatever is on my mind. I learned quickly that writing about things I had no interest in, or about things I had no passion for, got old very quickly. So, with that in mind, I shifted my focus and started writing about me and what’s on my mind at that time whether it be personal, professional, wedding-y, and whatnot.

Back on track.

I’m getting married in 19 days. Whoaly moly I can’t believe it’s almost here.

This is something I have thought a lot about lately – but throughout the wedding-planning process, so many people have asked me, “How’s the wedding planning going?” “What’s next on the wedding planning list?” yada yada yada. And all that is fine and good, but no one has asked me, “How’s the preparation for marriage going?” “Have you guys done any premarital counseling?” “Are you ready for marriage?”

Yeah, the wedding planning is fun and all, but honestly, the thing that’s been most important to me  throughout this process is getting ready for our marriage. Yeah, the wedding is a huge celebration and amazing way to start our marriage. But the wedding is one day. Our marriage is a life time. Till death do us part. And that? Yeah, I’m ready for that.

Finances? We’ve talked about it.

Children? We’ve talked about them.

Communication? Check.

Putting Jesus at the center of our marriage? We’re ready.

So on and so forth. It’s been really important for us to talk about everything. There are no secrets. Nothing. We don’t know what marriage will bring us, what challenges we’ll face, and what we’ll need to work on, but we do know that Jesus, love, and a whole lot of laughter are at the center of it all. And in my humble opinion, if you’ve got those things covered, you can do anything.

I do have to say though, it all hit me this weekend when I moved out of my apartment. I’ve lived by myself in my little ol’ apartment in Carrboro, NC since I moved here in June of 2009. Seeing it all clean and empty (with HUGE thanks to my fiance for helping me… because I never could have done it on my own), it really sunk in that this is happening. That I’m becoming an adult. I mean, I’m already an adult, but when you’re married, I guess that makes you a real adult. But frankly, I’m okay with being an “adult” who is a kid at heart. You know, the kind of kid that eats Chipotle too often, drinks unhealthy amounts of Diet Coke, gets giggly and jumps on the bed when excited, could go to Chuck-E-Cheese every weekend and play Ski-Ball till she drops, and gets a huge kick out of feel-good Disney flicks. #NotAshamed.

John is okay with my shortcomings awesome qualities. I like love that about him.

And whoaly moly. We are becoming one in a short amount of time. And I’m going to live with a BOY. A stinky, messy, devastatingly handsome boy man. My best friend.

And I can’t wait.

It’s gonna be a stressful couple weeks… considering half of my stuff is at John’s, half of my stuff is in storage, and I have two suitcases and a car full of wedding craft stuff while I live with my dear friend Dani until the wedding. Dani and her hubs Keith are, like, WAY awesome for letting me shack up with them for a few weeks. So, yeah, I guess technically, I’m kinda homeless right now. Oh well. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s a pretty flippin’ sweet light.

I, of course, had to take some pictures to remember my apartment by.

Bye D4, it’s been real.

That’s our self-portrait in my empty apartment. John wanted nothing to do with my nostalgia. One of the many reasons I love that man.

All for now.