1. Molly, I’m so glad to see you even more happy than you previously were…not the last time I saw you, that was horribly sad, but my enduring memory of you is as a 3 year old, with your knees on the couch, looking out the window for whatever could possibly happen next, and when I would enter the front door, say quite placidly, as though I was one of your grown up pals, (which I was, and am) “Hi, Jen!” I said to your mom, which I said even when you were a baby, “This girl is trouble, I can smell it.” And she’d always laugh and say, “Absolutely! Don’t you love it?” I did then, and I do now. I hope you’re always getting into some kind of trouble, some kind of challenge, some kind of Molly action, and that you and your new husband have a terrific time in your marriage.
    I wish you nothing but an interesting life.
    With much love, and a hope to see you sooner than later,

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