February 13, 2012·

Four days. That’s right. FOUR days from now, I’m getting married.

People keep asking me if I’m ready or how I’m feeling.

The answer is: I’m ready.

Sure, I’m stressed and nervous and excited and not sleeping and all the of things you could imagine. It’s a huge deal.

But mostly, I’m excited and ready to marry my best friend.

I know that’s cliche, but it’s true. John is my best friend.

My big sister (from my sorority) Ashley sent me this beautiful necklace in the mail today as a gift… and on the necklace it says “AGAPE.”

Now, the official definition of agape is that it’s the Greek word for love. But in Christianity, agape is symbolic of God’s love for humanity. It’s an unconditional, no-holds-barred, I-will-die-for-you-and-do-anything-for-you-no-matter-what, kind of love.

Agape is a love that no matter how hard we try, we as humans, will never be able to achieve because we are too imperfect and too selfish in nature to achieve that level of all-consuming, all-encompassing, all-forgiving love.

However, I plan to spend the rest of my life working to have that kind of agape love for my husband.

He’s worth it enough for me to try.