Licensed to Wed

February 14, 2012·

We got our marriage license last week.

Learned a lot about the legal process of getting married last week.

Did you know that FIRST COUSINS can marry in North Carolina? Gross.

Sorry, that’s gross.

Moving on.

When we were in the waiting room while the nice clerk got our paperwork ready, I wandered (as I’m often want to do), and stumbled upon the room with all of the marriage license records.

I got curious so I started opening the oldest files I could find.

The thing I loved was reading the signatures of couples from as far back as the 1700s and wondering what their lives were like then. More importantly, I thought of their marriages.

I had questions:

Did their marriage last?

How many kids did they have?

How old were they when they married?

What struggles did they have?

What kinds of dates did they go on?

Did they love their in-laws?

Did they fight over the remote Shakespeare plays?

But most importantly, I thought about their love for each other. Love is something that translates through time and it was fun for me to imagine what their love stories were like.

Although, I did love to imagine a duel of some sort… that the husband won the wife in an epic sword fight or something.

Or that she had super long hair like Rapunzel and the husband had to climb up it to ask for her hand in marriage.

Yeah, I’m weird like that. Sue me.