1. i’m doing this! i like how you outlined the reading and symbolism.

    i found a site that shows how to DIY with … drapery ties! i thought it was genius. it looks not too hard.


    my wedding is on a beach, so candles are kind of risky with the wind. we’re going to do a candlelit ceremony of types to light a “community” candle before the first dance and then dance in the light of our friends’ candles. i like the idea of incorporating a community aspect and audience participation, since a marriage is upheld by God and supported by a community who has witnessed the wedding, etc.

  2. Hi Molly,

    I found your blog while looking for the cord of three strands and am just curious how you end the knot? like how does it stay a braid at the end?

    Thank you,

  3. Oh, Molly , your Mom would have been so so proud of you.
    And we know she’s watching ut for you from above always !
    Want to send a small wedding gift to you — grateful to you for
    the times you babysat the twins ( 16 yrs ld in a few weeks ) !
    We are in Marbella , Spain for spring break,and we are celebrating the
    one year anniversary of Rick’s strugglw w/ oral cancer —-lost most of his teeth and complete reconstruction of his mouth in 13 hr surgery.
    What is your mailing address, Mrs Stillman ??

  4. Joe and I did two alternatives to the traditional unity candle lighting. First we incorporated our families in the lighting. We both have two siblings and our parents so we gave them each mini candles….had them start the candles off the altar pass it from candle to candle and then once all the candles were lit we lit our unity candle together symbolizing our unity as a family. Then add the end of the ceremony we had the pastor bind our hands with his stole symbolizing the unbreakable unity of our marriage and God. I LOVED this! Super awesome idea!!

  5. I seriously LOVED this when I saw you guys do it. I love the idea of having something to take home as a reminder, and candles get gross after awhile. May be stealing this from you. So many things I liked…I’ll try not to be a copy cat 🙂

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